set for life

set for life

Hi everybody Sal from Pittsburgh I just wanted to let everyone know that all the real estate communities are copying the set for life system. of course they are calling it something else but it is exactly the same so as usual Dean is ahead of the cutting edge. I hope I didnt put anything in here against the rules last time I was reprimanded for somthing Iam not sure of have to call the office to find out. I am reading the totatally fulfilled book and it is helping me to get through some of the tragic news i have recieved as of late. Time to make it happen sal.


sal cassandro

me too

I just got the book totally fullfilled too-I cannot put it down-what a great book!

I bought the set for life system, but haven't used it much ;(

Wishing you great success and happiness,




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I wish you nothing but success. 2011 can be a very solid year for people like us in the real estate industry. Good Luck to you.
Jeremy K.


i plan on being set 4 life with u all,have fun on ur journey,and i will see yall at the top!!


keep on truck!!!!keep reading!!!!keep finding!!!!keep sharing!!!keep responding!!!keep help keep-up the good work!!! but,don't keep it to yourself!!!

Set for life and gain the Edge 2010dvd's

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!
Have a ?. When we purchased the sfl system, also included was the Dvd's of the 2010 gain the edge. After listening to the teleseminat this evening does anyone know if we can get access to netwoking or is it the same as the community section in the sfl system.
Carry on> success is in that next RE DEAL YESSSSSSSS
Thanks to all Tim

Don't know your taste but

you might want to look at Ikea.


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Has anybody, and I mean, ANYBODY, had a successful deal strickly through the SFL System? I too bought it and really want to get the most out of it, but I can't find a regular "user" who's bought, learned, implemented, and actually has been able to do a complete deal through the SFL System.

Is "Anybody" out there?



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Is this solution working to its fullest?

Does this solution need enhancements to yield better results for everyone!
Does DG need to have Greg Clement and Jeff Walker provide DG's Support the effective training necessary needed to get the results everyone is expecting?

SFL Disappointment

I bought the system as well but haven't used it much lately besides getting the solds lists. When I first got started, I was on it all the time but never got any responses from the few people that had any matches with my buyers or sellers. I'm still paying the $47.00 / month to keep it active but I'm having second thoughts. The idea of having the pre-made websites is intriguing but most of the "Heavy Hitters" on this site and other RE groups I belong to don't use websites so I'm having second thoughts about keeping it.

If anyone out there is having good success with the system, PLEASE let us know.
Thanks Smiling

Andy Sager
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