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Andy Sager
Central Florida
About Me: 

I've always been intrigued by Real Estate. My Mother was a RE agent about 40 years ago so I have a little bit of background.
After my divorce, I was forced to find a new place to live and used what I knew (or thought I knew) to find my little piece of paradise. I did it all on my own. When Mom had her RE friends check out what I had done, they all agreed that I made a good deal for myself. (Talk about an ego booster!)
So I know that if I could make a good deal for myself, I can do it again for others and that's the plan!

Fast forward to today 9/14/2011
I wouldn't consider myself a newbie anymore. I've been through the success academy and had been birdogging for a number of people in my REA groups and fellow DGers. I've moved on to the wholesaling end of investing and am implementing multiple investment strategies.
I belong to 4 REA groups: 2 online and 2 meeting groups. I am partnered with a fellow DGer on the West Coast (Tampa area) of Florida and attend REA meetings on the East Coast (St. Lucie County) of Florida. So if anyone is looking for properties in the Central Florida area (East to West) contact me.

Fast forward even more to 2/12/12
Wholesale deal #1 is done and gone. What it has done for my confidence level and daily chores is immeasurable. I'm now spending more time doing REI than my other biz and looking forward to the day when I can relax and know that the bills are getting paid. Doors have opened for me that I didn't know existed, all because I put myself out there.
I'm looking forward to a big 2012

Real Estate, Tropical Fish Keeping, Fishing (I know, it seems funny), Nature, Helping people.

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Basic Info

Real Estate Investor & I own a Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Business
Have Child(ren)
Some College



Hello and Welcome,
Where are you from?
Do you invest already or are you new to this?
What is your area?

Thanks for the welcome :)

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I'm in Polk County,FL. I am new to the "investing" side of this so I am enrolled in Dean's academy. I am primarily searching for deals in the Lake Wales, Winter Haven and Lakeland areas.
Would love to partner up with someone if anyone is interested. I own my own business so my time is open.


Hi Andy

Hi Andy,

I live in Valrico, close to Tampa. I have had a real estate license and also have done some investing. If you are looking to team up, let's talk.


West side of florida

I'm new to this and i'm so excited I'm now in the process of tring to find buyers but i know i will.I think this website is awesome to be able to talk to real people who are tring to make it big,most people dont really think it can be done.But we will.I live in hernando co. springhill area i would like to find partners too.

investors clubs

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Thanks Andy for taking the time to share with me what you worked hard to learn. . I look foward to the shoe being on the other foot real soon by being able to share info with you or someone else. I also am self employed, as a general contractor, and have 30 yrs of residential home building and selling, remodeling etc..., to bring to the table. Hope we can stay intouch. I'm in Murfeesboro tenn.

I Need Sound Advice

If I have someone who is just wanting me to help them find a place to rent, what forms will I use and how do I get paid? I am a new student as of last week and have not yet received my books I ordered. Do you have any advice?

Also! what forms do I use when it come to those who are willing to rent to own and how does this process work? I am willing to share some of the profits if you like.

Very nice

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hey how the heck did you do it? you have so much time.

i would love to partner and I'm Derrick

Andy; that is a great fish

Andy; that is a great fish your holding.

Years ago I was into Largemouth Bass fishing tournaments and had a ball.
This "ol' Fart" can't do it anymore so fishing for RE.
Same principal. You have to cast many many tomes before you get a bite.


Love the picture

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I'm glad there is someone in this DG family who loves to fish too. Laughing out loud

Great Talking to you

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Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the convo last night. Interesting to see how RE markets are different in different areas of the country. Keep pushing on & stay in touch. Later!

New To This

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I'm a newbie here and I'm treating this site as my new face book lol. Just wanted to say what's up and I hope you make lots of money and have crazy fun. I'm looking to build my buyers list now and get really involved with the DG Fam.


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Hi Jeremiah:
Thanks for posting on my page and good luck on your RE adventure.
There is a lot of info here on this site and many helpful people as well. Use this site frequently to advance your REI career.

Keep us all posted on your journey.


Port Charlotte fl

Hi andy, I will be in port charlotte !st wk of february for a closeing on one property , I am willing to look for some wholesale deals for you if you wish thanks 525erving

Port Charlotte

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Hi and Thanks.
Let me know what you find.


Hey Andy!!

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Just saw you were on here and figured I'd show some love on your page. It was great talking to you and it helped tremendously to talk things out. Sometimes you can only see things in a certain way until someone else sheds some light on another section of it. I really appreciate it. Talk to you soon. Thanks alot for your direction.

Thanks for the loving ;)

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It was nice talking with you as well.
I always want to help, DGers especially. There's no future when you keep everything all to yourself. I always try to look at the bigger picture.
Hopefully, we will make this and many more deals happen together. Eye-wink
Stay warm...


west coast

Hi Andy, I was also in the academy about 3 years ago, learned a lot from it and the support was great! Now it is time to do something with all that knowledge. I have helped other people find houses to buy (bird dogging) but I want more.... I was wondering if you would be interested in helping me out? On a different note I used to go deep sea fishing all the time with the exhusband LOVED it!!! Now time to get on with life. would like to hear from you soon thank you Diane

forms and docs

were do i download the bird dogging assignment agreement form at.

Forms and Docs

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Your best bet would be to search (in the box below Dean's smiling face on the top left) the term "Bird dog agreement" and read through the articles for one with an agreement you can use. I didn't see one in the Forms & Docs section and truthfully, I don't remember where I got mine from as it could have come from a number of different places. At the moment, that's my best advice.

You might also want to fill in your Bio a bit more. Most of the more experienced DGers will be more forthcoming with answers when they know more about who they are dealing with. Just a suggestion Eye-wink


FL Mobile Home Park

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Hi Andy,
Would you, or someone you know, be interested in a FL Mobile Home Park (pocket listing) that offers 91 MH sites, 36 RV sites, 16 rental cabins, multiple income streams: boat launch, laundry, liquor, food, boat rental, etc.. If so, the purchase price is $2,600,000. Market value is $3,500,000+/-. Net Annual cashflow is $575,913.60. A financial spreadsheet is available request.
This won't last long, so let me know ASAP.


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It was a pleasure meeting with you on Saturday. We look forward to hearing about your progress and chatting about real estate in the future. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe and Stacey

I need to check this more often ; )

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Hey Joe and Stacey: Sorry for taking so long to reply. It was great seeing you two again as well. I'm looking forward to having you in FL so we can talk RE more face to face than online. Maybe even do a few deals too Laughing out loud
I'm believing and on my way to achieving Eye-wink Thanks for the inspiration.


Hello Sir

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I'm a new REI but totally intrigued with your photo. I live on the west coast of BC and am an avid (Extreme) salt water fisherman and your pic looks like a Spring (King) salmon.

Would love to explore...........