FL tax sales incoming!

FL tax sales incoming!

Florida is hands down my favorite state to invest liens in (in fact I had a lien in FL redeem just yesterday)
FL has their tax lien sales every year in May, which is just around the corner.
They are 18% with bid down interest auction.
FL is my favorite because so many of the counties have auctions online! So I can do it from home here in UT & also they passed a law in FL the public records need to be made available online. So when it comes to searching tax history and mapping the parcel, its generally easier to do that in FL.
Here are the sites I am familiar with that holds FL tax lien auctions
www.realaution.com , www.grantstreet.com & www.flataxsales.com

Let me know if you have questions! I'd be happy to help Smiling


thank you Harold

I actually have a house there im rehabbing and just pd the taxes on because after April they are considered late. Thus the reason they go on sale in May.
Great info and I will definatly look into those sites.


Yep, April 1st they are late

April 1st they are late & a lien is placed against the property & then they go to auction in May.
FL is 18% interest!
No problem

What a rate of return.

Buying tax liens is a good investment opportunity. Try getting a 18% guaranteed return in the stock market, in a money market account or by putting it in a savings account!

Harold, what is your rate of redemption on your investment? Are there any horror stories that you would like to share to help readers see both sides of this investment opportunity?

Lien Redemptions

Personally 100% of the liens I have invested in have redeemed & generally within six months.
But that's what I want in liens, that's the clues I look for when researching liens.
I look for valuable properties with great tax history!
There are few different angles to look at liens & how you want to invest.
Some investors look for liens that are already several years behind not in hopes that it will redeem but rather where they can foreclose then sell it for more.
Where you can go wrong, is buy a lien in the middle of the desert with nothing around, foreclose on it & hope to sell it hahaha.
If you're making sure you're at least buying liens on marketable properties, you should be alright.

harold great thread

thanks for the website links. i just bought a florida lien a month ago for 16.5%, it was already seasoned and past the redemption period but I'm looking forward to checking into the sites your provided.

Thanks again!


I am a Professional Real Estate Investor! And I see a whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of the J.O.B. You've come to fight as free men/women... and free men/women you are! What will you do for that freedom?? Will you fight?!! Lets fight for it together!!!!

Tax liens

I was just a Tax lien seminar this morning and the speaker said florida is the best state for him to buy Tax Liens. I'will be taking a look on this sites you posted. Thanks for writing this thread.


Reynold Orozco

FL tax liens

The various counties in FL must hold the tax lien sale on or before June 1st of the year the taxes are deliquent, i.e. the deliqent 2012 property taxes will be auctioned by 1 Jun 2013. The county can actually start the sale in April but generally they can't get their act together that fast.

Be careful and do the research on both the property and the owner(s). IRS liens will follow the property, meaning that if you actually foreclose (2 years after the 2013 sale) all tax liens, and any other goverment liens, will need to be satisfied as well. the tax DEED sales are held online as well and you can bid on these properties. After the the tax cert auctions, the counties offer OTC certificates at an 18% interest. These are the ones that didn't sell at the auction. Check them out, as some of the are actually worth purchasing, others - not so much.

Also, a bankrupty filed by the owner has an effect on the certificates as well. Not trying to scare off anyone but make sure you do your research.


Contact the county tax collector if you lien is passed the redemption period.
In FL you actually don't foreclose on the property.
FL is a "hybrid" state, which means the sale both liens and deeds, the deeds they sale are the liens that didn't redeem that were then offered up to the tax deed sale.
That is what you would do with your lien in FL is offer it up to that county's tax deed auction. You will pay all delinquent years in taxes and foreclosure fees in order to do so (keep in mind you are making interest on all of this)
then when it sells at the tax deed auction, you are redeemed and get all monies paid back + interest.
Let me know if you have questions on that thomgilbert


FL is my favorite state to invest liens in!
Those sites are auction sites & they wont start until May.
You can always contact any specific county tax collector and get a list of liens from previous sales that are available now if you wanted to start looking today.


That is all correct, good points.
OTC liens in FL is my favorite, first come first serve
& fact is, there is lots of good left over liens to buy!
Generally takes several weeks after the counties tax auction before they are available. I like the otc cause you get the full 18%, the competition is less.
At the FL tax lien auctions there is lots of competition with banks bidding on liens.
So to be honest, I often times wait for the auctions to be over to pick up the OTC liens

Hey Ray

When buy your liens what do you look for in the lien so you know it will redeem so you can make your investment back plus interest and fees?


Liens are simple to know what will be good. First see if it has a structure on it but even if it does not it can be a good deal.
second see if you are getting a big spread between what you are paying and the value. so for example lets say the value of the property is 100k and I can buy the lien for 1000-5000k then it would be a good deal. I usually want to be buying the lien for about 5-10% of the value of the property.

95% of liens that have a structure on it will be redeemed.
70% of liens that are just land will redeem as well.

So usually you are going to be getting a good deal. If you are buying liens there will only be 2 outcomes. either you get the money and interest or you get the property. so if you are buying something with value then you really cant go wrong.

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