Dry Double Closing

Dry Double Closing

Does anyone know if it's possible to do a "dry" double close in GA? If so, what title companies will do them?



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Dry closing varies from state to state and also from title company to another title company.

Most title company or attorneys don't do this anymore. They require you to use a transaction funding.

Best and easy way is to create an llc and make your offer in your llc. when you find your buyer, you sell your llc to your buyer.

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Call around

You can find this information out by calling your local real estate Attorney/Title company. Ask your local wholesalers in your area.


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Dry Closings

This is really a localized question whereby the answer requires personal footwork. Don't call the title companies, go see the local ones in person. It will be even better if you have paperwork on the deal and clearly explain what you intend to do. It is really up to the individual title company whether or not they will accept the risk.

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