Streamline modification is this a good


streamline modification

To avoid a foreclosure the bank offered this a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure or streamline modification this is a trail period payment plan of 3 months paying each month.Has any one hard of this & can someone give feed back on the stream line modification. thanks

The bank is the winner

Not sure if it's good or bad. I heard the banks are moving away from foreclosure. A deed in lieu of foreclosure means they don't have to go through a foreclosure to get the deed when the owner screws up making payments on the modification. They will already have the deed. That's my limited understanding of it.

I've heard that taxpayers will pay

I don't really find much on the subject, but I know you have to be very delinquent for them to offer this. I would google and see what all you can dig up about the process.

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I thought...

that a streamline modification was a way to refinance a house that is underwater, and homeowners don't have to show any documentation...

a friend of mine did one about two years ago, and she said it was very easy and beneficial; her mortgage rate was reduced; hence her payment was reduced, and it made it easy for her to stay in her home.



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