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Hi guys
Just wanted to know if any one has herd about this site call Sellpoint.
Well they just sent me an email saying that if i can get 10 investers as a friend no strings attached. That we can bennerfit from this site.I would get free membership for life.And if someone wants to joint that they would need to get 10 members ant pay as well.
So p;ease if any one has heard about this site. please send your name & email so I can get started.
thank you all

0n tonight call

just got home and having dinner.& I have with you for last 2 year and I love every min. of it.It's just to fast to night thank you but I want to do it but as I'm falling to sleep. Because I have been up for over 18 hours. I love wait where you where saying but I have to grt back up in 3 hour's. So if u can please send me an E.mail. thank you. fernando s


Thank u Dean
Just receivrd my kit can't wait to open it. Keep up the good work on your blog.I'll be waiting for tuesday call.
Thanks again & god bless to u & the dg family.
1 question there is a home around my area that's been closed up for about 1 year how do I get in touch with owner & if he or she wants to sell. How or where do I get the money for all the repairs. Thanks again

Welcome aboard

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welcome to the site and the family. Take some time and fill out your bio so that we know what it is you are trying to do here. If you need help or a mentor PM me

2012 contest

Hi everyone on the DG family & friends.
I loved all of them but like Dean said only 1 gets to go on this beautiful trip with Dean so out of all the pickings.
I picked John & Cristy because not only did they followed there dream with Deans help but they passed it down to they're kids. And that's my #1 picking. God Bless. May there kids rock like mom & dad. The gift of time. Fern