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North Carolina
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I am a real estate agent as well as an investor. I have taken tons of mentoring programs and received bits and pieces of a lot of stuff but just can't seem to put it all together. My sister and I formed an LLC and we currently own one property in North Carolina, one in Minnesota and one in Texas. I am interested in finding no money down deals and in anyone who follows emerging markets.

Reading, swimming, my dogs, riding our Harley

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northeastern NC investor

hello. my name is Pat Brown. I'm a real estate investor and i live in elizabeth city.

i'm an avid fan of Dean's books and material. I've had a hard time finding people around here, but I am anxious to get started networking in my area.

Call me anytime to talk about real estate or investing. I look forward to hearing from you!

-Pat Brown
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Hi Cindy...

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I just relocated to the Fayetteville area from MA and have recently purchased Dean's books and want to get into REI. I saw your group and decided to contact you (although I know we're not super close to each other) you might be able to help familiarize me with the NC market in general.

Hope to hear from you soon so we can start networking in NC : )

NC Invesing

Hello Cindy & co. Just finished reading Dean's book and anxious to start. Nervous & can't sleep but I'll start somewhere. Surprised there are no replies from the Charlotte NC area. It's got to be a booming market. Would love to contact others and get networking. I aim to join a REI in my area,....

NC Born

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Hi Cindy,

I live in Southern CA but am lookin at other areas for investment. The ROI in other areas is so much better than here. Currently looking for North Dakota and also Charlotte NC. I am looking for cash flow properties. I would be interested in talking to you about what you wish to do and possibly working some deals together.

Have a beaufitul Thanksgiving,


NC Investor

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I am presently investing in my hometown of Sanford NC. At this point I have purchased 2 Duplexes. Both fully rented and in great shape. I am starting to send letters to an additional 2 duplexes to see if the present owners are willing to hold paper and let us take over the property and fix it up and rent it until the market gets better then take out the note holder and reap the equity rewards. We figure that is a good start, but we are using Dean's system to assemble a buyers list and going to start flipping low cost homes. Have you done this in your town ? Do you have duplexes that we could take a look at & send a letter to the present owners? Thanks..
Frank G.
Sanford, NC


hello NC REI'ers ! my name is dennis navaroli, just recently relocated to asheville(candler). just getting started in this journey of REI. not sure where and how to start. i'm visualy challenged so traveling is difficult,but have plenty of time at home to possibly partner with anyone that is interested. ready and willing !!! thank you, dennisn
take care !!!

Saying Hello

Hi fellow North Carolinians my name is Shawn Dockery from Murphy NC and brand new to real estate investing.Just getting started and looking forward to learning from anyone interested in chatting. Thank You!

REI, Raleigh, NC

Hello to all NC REI, just like some of you I am also just getting started. I have Dean's book and currently reading it. Looking to get started and any help would be greatly appreciated. Ready to work with like minded serious individuals. I am looking for any and all the help, assistance, and advice that I can get. Looking to join a REI club in the Raleigh, NC area.


Eastern NC Investor

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I just moved back to the East coast after being gone for 15 years. It seems to me as if NC its a gold mine compared to Cali/NV.

I am anxious to meet new investors and even partner up with a chosen few.

Main focus Edenton/Hertford/Elizabeth city but anywhere in NC willing to look into.

Need Agent and a mortgage broker ASAP


I am glad to see that there is a group functioning in eastern NC. I am brand new, just reading some of Dean's books and believing that, just maybe, this is a roadmap where I can build some personal property and make some money. I am in the blessed state of ignorance and have never invested in real estate other than my personal residences.

I am living in Greenville and am looking for a local club.

I look forward to learning and the journey ahead.

Greensboro NC market

My name is Jeff I just moved to Greensboro NC.. Would like to meet a few investors to educate myself with the local Triad Guilford County real estate market.


My name is Kent I live in NC and was wondering if you are still a member