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Frank Galiastro
Sanford, NC
About Me: 

My lovely Wife Pam, my 2 children Jamie & Kristen - Motorcycles and Real Estate are a big part of my life.
I just opened up my Dream Business - Wolfman Cycles
Motorcycle Service in Sanford, NC, which took me a long time to accomplish. I still work Full time and with our aggresive effort, Real Estate will replace the F/T Income soon.
We presently own 4 Homes, 2 Duplexes in Sanford, one SFR in NJ and another in NC. One of our goals is to own an Apartment Complex to generate non-discretionary income. We are using Dean's system to accomplish the balance of our goals...
We are excited !

Real Estate - Motorcycles - Planning our retirement -

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Motorcycle Tech - Electronics Engineer
Have Child(ren)
Completed College

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Mainly Just This One


Deans Edge course

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Could not log onto Deans Edge to purchase the course. Can anyone help?

Sanford Tornado

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Hi, Frank,
I'm ouside of Marion and have been hoping to run across another DGer this side of Charlotte at least, but so far no luck. Would be really interested to hear what your NC RE experience has been so far; have you tried any assignments? Saw a video about the recent tornado in Sanford; that must have been an adrenaline rush!
Best wishes with your RE endeavors,
Jennifer E

Sanford Tornado

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Sorry for slow response, just logged in today to take a look around for new ideas.
Realestate here in Sanford is offering us some great opportunities. I am staying on the concept of OPM (other peoples money) I always push the idea of the present owner to hold paper on the property they are selling.
Is working okay, acquired 2 duplexes with the concept & can acquire a few more the same way, but not rushing in, market seems to be still softening, prices are still on a downware tilt. We'll wait till it gets cold & offer less for the properties and see if they bite.. Othere than that, we would like to buy n partment complex to generate some real non-discretionary income.. Talk soon..