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Suzi Prime
Sanford, NC
About Me: 

Hi, I recently turned 42 (Yikes!) and am a wife and mom to 2 great boys. Due to the less-than-fantastic economy (I'm keeping my description G-rated), our family was forced to relocate from Massachusetts to North Carolina this past summer.

It's been quite an adjustment and I've realized that in order for my families' financial situation to change (for the better), that I have to do things differently than I have been. Simply hoping for things to improve does little to actually change anything. I've always been intrigued by real estate investing and even purchased a whole real estate investing system from one of the "other more seasoned gurus." I read through all the materials but it never went any further than that. Well, that was probably 7-8 years ago and my families financial well-being has only deteriorated since then.

I kept reading in Dean's books how the biggest thing you can do is to just TAKE ACTION. That's what I never did. So, this time, I'm doing things differently. My kids are back to school and I have no reason to not take action. I'm not going to simply hope that I'm successful. I'm going to read and educate myself the best I can and get past my fear of failure or losing money and take action to see the change I want to occur.

I look forward to an exciting journey and to all the people I will meet and learn from in the process.

Thanks for this opportunity...I won't squander it : )

Gardening; Recycling/FreeCycling; Home improvement/decorating.

Basic Info

Left job as Special Needs Tutor in MA after relocating to my job is to become a REI : )
Have Child(ren)
Some Post Graduate

Sites I Visit

Mainly Just This One


Just joined this group

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Hi guys,
I live in Hendersonville, North Carolina and I am new to the RE game. I havn't done any deals, but I am learning alot. I don't think I have analysis paralysis yet, but I want to make sure I am not just dragging my feet. I also want to be well equipped information-wise even though I know I don't have to know everything to get started. Hope to get to know you guys soon and be a part of the solution.

Hi there!

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Since I am new to NC, can you tell me if Hendersonville is close at all to Fayetteville? I'm anxious to meet all other NC REIs so thanks for connecting with me. I was very excited about going to my first REI club meeting last week. I would recommend you find the group closest to you and go to it. I think that'll be a valuable resource for me to network as well as get some valuable experience from more seasoned investors. Glad to hear from you... What's your name? You married, kids? etc. Hope to hear from you soon : )


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My name is Kenya Hill. It's nice to talk to someone from North Carolina. I'm not sure how far Fayetville is, but at least four hours (probably more). I am married with three sons. I have an associates degree in business, but I work in my church's daycare center. I have loved real estate since the age of 18. (I am 38 now) I have read alot of books. I'm ready to get really serious. I have been trying to get into a brokers' class for a year, but the evening class keeps getting cancelled because of the lack of interest. I know I don't need one for investing, but I feel like it might give me an edge. I hope we can keep in touch and learn from eachother. Have a blessed day.


Hi Suzi

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Thank you Suzi Laughing out loud


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Congratulations for reading Dean's book, being a part of the DG website and wanting to take action. The key is to keep doing all the right things and good things will happen. We look forward to reading about your progress and future real estate deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Raleigh Area

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Hey Suzi,

I too am relatively new to North Carolina. Got laid off from work in Washington, so I moved to NC and am currently living with my daughter and grandkids (plus cats & dogs). Unemployed, which I'm discovering is going to be a real problem in investing.

I was happy to find your post since I've been looking for an investment club to join. I've been told that it's a good source of investors, and that we sould get associated with a club.

So, I found a couple of groups in NC that look like they're active. Most of them look like they haven't had meetings in a while, but there's one in Raleigh has monthly meetings.

The one in Raleigh (the closest to Sanford) has info at (Triangle Real Estate Investors Association). There's an intersting meeting this Saturday, but there's a charge. And, there's a membership fee. I'm thinking about going. I just get tired of reading info ... need to talk to a real person.

For Hendersonville, there's an REI club in Asheville at And, they have a sub-group located in Hendersonville. So, I hope Kenya is reading this, too. I don't know how to include her in this comment. Do we just keep looking at posts under the group name?

Ronnie B

REI Club

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Hi Kenya,

I hope the inform about the REI group in Hendersonville proves useful.


Good morning Ronnie!

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Thanks for your message. I'd love to connect with you and perhaps keep each other accountable to our REI goals. I feel like I'm getting close but still on that cusp, you know.

This morning I'm actually going to view a HUD home that my realtor told me about. It's a potentially great deal but I don't have spare cash laying around or the ability to access money from a lender so I tried to think how I could benefit from this property. I decided to bird-dog it to another investor I met at my Fayetteville REI club. Turns out he's very interested and my realtor, my investor friend and I are going to look through this property. He told me if he winds up buying it he'll give me a flat fee for finding it for him. Now this isn't a huge profit but it's something and it's definitely a confidence booster!

As for the training tomorrow in Raleigh, yeah I received an email about that and I am interested but I'm not sure if I can go. I believe it's $29 but it sounds like you'll get a ton of great info and hands-on experience looking at a home that's been rehabbed. I'm still deciding on that one.

Hope you have a great weekend and if you'd like to make an arrangement to be accountability buddies then I'd love to, just let me know.

Suzi : )


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Accountability? Absolutely!! Exactly what I need. I get off track so easily that I depress myelf sometimes. Want to exchange phone numbers off line (thru the PM)?

I joined the TREIA group, and so I'm going to the new investors meeting tomorrow. Will let you know what I learned.

Hey, geat work on the HUD home. I never thought about that area.

I'm unemployed, so my options are limited. I'm still trying to understand how to make them work for me. I kinda get it, then I get confused.



Welcome to the NC. I have lived here for 33 years. I agree, I would love to connect with you. My name is Asia, and I live close two the Charlotte area. I have been wanting for some time to make it to the REI meetings, but I work a full time day job. However, I am one of Dean's newbies and I am excited. Please feel free to contact me anytime. I am married and have three of the most beautiful kids you have ever seen.

TREIA "Wholesaling" mtg on Tuesday 10/6

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Hey, here's an email I just received about the REI club meeting tomorrow nite. I'm planning on attending. Maybe you could, too, and we could hook up and meet. I've got some great info to share from the Saturday class I attended.

TREIA's newest dinner sub group will hold its second meeting at the Golden Corral in Fuquay Varina just one block off Hwy 401 Tuesday Oct. 6th.

Wholesaling is a great way to get your feet wet in real estate investing, especially if you don't have loads of capital to draw on. You find the deals, put them under contract, and then flip them to rehabbers or buy-& -hold investors for an assignment fee. Be sure to come to this session to learn how it's done.

AC Johnson, the featured speaker, is a active local RE wholesaler with NuCapital Associates. He has been a prominent member of our investment association for over 10 years, and is currently serving as Vice-President of TREIA. Those of you who have seen AC conduct "Who's Got What" at TREIA meetings appreciate his great ability to educate and inform.

Dinner at 6:00 and meeting at 6:30. There is no meeting fee, but you must buy dinner.

How to do PM Messages

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Hey All,

I just learned how to send and receive "PM" messages, which are personal email messages. The site's rules of etiquette say to use the PM feature to exchange person information. Maybe you already know how to do this, but I had to struggle to figure it out, so I'm sharing it here.

Sometimes there's a link (like on this group page) by your first post that says "write to author". Sometimes there's a link by your comment in a blog that says "PM Link".

Either link opens an email type screen where you can send a message to another Dean member using their ID in the To field.

So, how do you make sure you can receive messages?? A coach helped me go into my account, click on the Edit tab, and then select the option to "receive" personal messages. My account was set up to NOT receive messages, so we changed that setting. We tested it, and now I get messages.

How to access the messages? In the left column of the Dean home page, I have a "my inbox" link to quickly get to messages.

If any of you want to exchange phone numbers with me or someone else, we need to use the PM feature to do so. I'd love to talk to all of you. There's strength in numbers.


Hi Asia

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Welcome! I hear Charlotte is a great place for investing. So, here's to your success!

I went to my first REI meeting in Raleigh, and I got lots of good information. I joined the club, and tonite I'm going to a meeting re wholesaling.

I found some information on Dean's site about two REI groups in Charlotte. Check out their web sites since they have lots of great information! Good luck!

Contact Person: Linda Dana
Meeting Location: Wyndham Garden Hotel
Meeting Address: 2600 Yorkmont Road
City, State Zip: Charlotte, North Carolina 28208
Meeting Time: 2nd Thursday, 6:30 p.m.
Phone Number: 704-891-9619
Web Site:
No. Members: 150

Contact Person: Scott Patterson
Meeting Location: Hilton Executive Park
Meeting Address: 5624 Westpark Drive
City, State Zip: Charlotte, North Carolina 28217
Meeting Time: 3rd Thursday, 6 p.m.
Phone Number: 704-523 -570
Fax Number: 803-802-1690
Web Site:
No. Members: 350

Suzi - hello!!

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Hi Suzi,

Just wanted to stop by, say hello and hope you are having a great week!!

I meant to add to my last post to you that I definitely look forward to being in touch via PMs, journals, etc...and exchanging thoughts, support and ideas!
I'm stoked about it, and look forward to you being in my close "DG Family"! Smiling

Happy investing this week!


Hi, I'm brand new to this group. I live in Fayetteville area (22 years now)and looking for help in getting started. I have 2 rentals that I bought 6 years ago but all the rules have changed. I quit when prices got overinflated. Looking to find hard money, buyers and properties.

Hello Everyone!!

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It's great to see so many people in NC, interested in becoming a REI. Induldge in Deans web site as much as you can....there is alot of good information and good advice here.
I'm in Greensboro, between Burlington and High Point. If there is anyone out there that would like to meet up or go to an REI meeting, feel free to send me a PM.

New to the Group

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I am new to the NC group however not new to Real Estate endeavors. Looking to find a Investors or a group to work for or with in south eastern NC.


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just posted in your dgreiclub last night but noticed most posts are old and don't know if anyone is even using them,so i thought i'd introduce myself here.i'm in nc about once a month at this time but i'm trying to set up a team there.when you have time please refer to my post there,you can also feel free to visit my journal(no longer scared to succeed).keep moving forward,rob

looking to join an investment group

I live in fayetteville,NC and looking to join an investment group. any info would be helpful. I have read dean's books and joined the success academy, now i'm ready to get my feet wet


Hey Suzi

I don't know if you remember me. We met one day for lunch to discuss a Real Estate Investment Club. How are you doing? I am buying my third property since talking to you. If you ever want to talk further about an investment club, let me know.
Greg Caldwell