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Location matter? I am considering an awesome deal in my area (single family home) but not sure I am up to the job..it's an awesome deal.

need investors

i have looked at six houses,fixer-uppers.ineed someone to partner with before i try to lock up the deals.

what about los angeles

are you interested in los angeles? there are some promising properties including MFRs here. Let me know.

What about Upstate N.Y. (Ellenville)

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There are some good ones up here.Let me know.

What about Nashville, TN?

There is gereat opportunity here for those types of properties. Let me know and I can find them for you. This area is soooo ripe right now.


Hello friend I think i can help you, yust send me a PM Massege as soon as possible with you E-MAIL OR Number information so we can talk thanks.

Trying to lock up deals

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Hey Exitos.. I'm currently in the process of locking up 2 deals to assign.. looking for investors.. PM me if you would like more info..