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Kate, Licensed Real Estate Agent
Ohio & Florida
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I am a real estate addict who started to move away from it after a challenging tenant. However, I have come to realize that there is nothing else that I am interested in as much that offers the flexibility I so value in my life coupled with the opportunity to earn as much as I desire.

I have been involved in real estate for over 10 years and can say because of it I lead a pretty flexible life (but not without challenges) and am grateful that I learned that one must take risks to get ahead. I took a winter sabbatical in 2009 to "our" condo and decided to obtain my license in Florida because I am passionate about living the life you want (not dealing with snow, slush and ice!) and enjoy helping others do the same in buying a little piece of Paradise. I also obtained my Ohio license shortly thereafter..

I moved back into more investing in 2011 and now as we turn the corner to 2013 ..I want to really take my investing to a new level.

Real Estate, Yoga, tennis

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tell me a little bit more about the house and the numbers and why are you hesitant about the deal.. ok hope to hear from you soon


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Sorry for delay..did not see your response. Still new to this site and would have expected an answer in my inbox.

It is a 4 bed, 2 bath 1800 sq ft brick ranch on 2 lots in a suburb I own all my homes in. Good schools, good rent district.

I think you could get it for $60-65K..maybe a little less. I looked at it again last week but wrote an offer on a different property I can handle (painting and carpet cleaning before I can rent it). I am still considering the house but would probably bird dog it for $2K to get a little more for this other.

County has it valued at $148K..too high. I think $120K resale is feasible with perhaps $20-25 K, into it. Needs all new flooring, kitchen could be opened up and made nice as there is a room right behind it that would allow for a great big kitchen. The garage is partially transformed into an apartment and has its own utilities. It would probably rent with just a few improvements (new carpet a MUST) for $1,000-$1,200.

The house does have new windows and a nice family room with a brick fireplace. It is by far the best “deal” I have found. I am just not ready for a project like this. My significant other can do everything but we have too many other loose ends to tie up before taking on a project like this.

Please ask any other questions.

Thanks for your time.



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3/24/09- Broward County, South Florida--I have an end buyer w/ a pre-approved bank letter for 150-200K FHA Loan who signed a lease/option for 90 days (to satisfy 90 day seasoning restriction), with a $5,000 non-refundable down payment deposit, with a lease payment of $1310/mo.- none of lease payment credited toward down payment, and a property they want to purchase. Everything is in place but an investing partner!!! Contact me immediately and I will send copy of this proposal I'm sending to potential investors. NEED DECISION FAST!!! I ONLY HAVE A FEW DAYS TO PUT THIS TOGETHER!!!