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Im a young and new real estate investor . My plan is to establish a List of Buyer, Selllers, Renters, and a powere team I can count on.As we speak I have already talked to a Mortgage Broker who can help me in a major way. He is in a program that helps First time home buyers get approved for a load and get them into a home. Yes there are some requrerments a home buyers has to meet, but besides that this (MAP) program or Mortgage Assistance Program can help me with me ad campign in a major way.

I like to increase my knowledge on real estate investing

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Im know starting to work on my wholesales buyer's list. I already have seven investors whom I'm working with and I have three different strategies on how i'm going to look for property. The first is public records, expired homes on the MLS, and a wholesale broker who can help me out. Once I find a home that meets my investors criteria I plan on setting up a portfolio which will have comps of properies that sold in the neigborhood, repairs and how much , sellers motivation to sell, facts about the property, current asking price, terms seller will or wont accept, detailed account of underlying loans, monthly payments, and other liens. I would like to but the properties I find under contract for an assignment, but I think it's to risky. Can somebody help me out?

I am in Dallas -martytt42@yahoo.com

Hello Douglas,

I wanted to know if you were able to search for buyers using the Tax Assessors in your county. I reside in Dallas, TX and I couldn't do a property search on the Assessor's site. I was able to find a couple of Investment companies on DCAD.org.

However, I am trying to get rolling in the Dallas area.

Maybe we can work together in the future and create a lot of wealth.

Trerod Hall