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Victorville, CA
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I have a few investement properties out of state in Oklahoma city and in Decatur Alabama. I will like to do some investements in my town where prices have fallen a lot. I'm always looking for investor or just people in general with the same mentallity of investing to learn and help each other.
03/07/10. Well now I own 2 properties in SoCal and I will keep trying to get more.
04/29/10. Two more in SoCal and one for me to live in.

Travel, Golf, Raquetball, Basketball, Pocker.

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Great web page

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I just sign in on this web page and so far there is a lot of good information and I feel is great that we can meet other people with the same goals.
Keep it going Dean.
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

Hows it going

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Hey Daniel

Just wanted to say hello and ask what kind of deals are out there in Victorville. I heard there are newer houses selling for about 50K is that true?


Hello Ron

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I don't know about new ones but I got a home 4bd/2ba on june for $45K and now is renting for $1,100.
Where are you?

Thanks for the reply.

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Hey Daniel,

Im from Riverside (Murrieta Temecula area) I asked because that what I heard from a couple people there. Here its still pricey from 4/2 houses, around 140K to 220K depends on year and condition. As far as Victorville I think youre in a perfect area to invest because the rent there is high enough to get cash flow properties. Let me know if there anything you would like to partner with I'd be happy to meet up with you in person. I prefer to do flips if were paying cash deals. Hope im not being to forward its just, I've been on DG for a awhile now and feel like its my second family. Where you at in Victorville?

BTW congrats on your first deal.


I just sent you a PM

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what about lunch?
Call me.


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Congratulations for taking action with real estate and being an active member on the DG website community. Keep up the good work and keep us all posted on your progress and future real estate deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe