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Single, 49 years old. Used to be in banking, moved out of the country then returned to the US, at this time I started working as an over the road semi driver. Watched Dean's info on TV one day, layed over in Washington state. Signed up and have not done anything with it. I left trucking in 10/2008, just got tired of being cheated out of my pay and not enough miles to be making such a huge scarifice. I do miss the traveling around and the driving everyday. Now I work as a operator for a company that monitors offenders. Very boring, but it pays the bills. My son and I just bought our first house. We are thrilled with it. We can do what we want in our house. I just brought my very ill mother to live with me. We are trying to make the best of it. My mom needs 24hour care and we are having difficulties getting her back on to Medicare. My funds will run out soon to pay for someone to come in and care for her three days a week when my son and I can not. So I've been thinking for awhile, I need to do something to get ahead and make life better for all.

I enjoy cooking gardening camping fishing and love traveling.

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phone operator
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Hi Erika

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I hope everything is going well for you with REI & life in general. Just wanted to stop in & say hello! Feel free to ask me anything if you have any questions & I wish you all the best in REI Smiling

John A.