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Benjamin Hanks
St Louis, Missouri
About Me: 

I'm a Business Analyst for a Fortune 500 company.

I closed 2 wholesale deals this year on the side just to prove I could do it. I took the money and went to Vegas. LOL. It was a very good time. Now I'm building an investing team and making this an automated system. After we take over St Louis I plan on investing abroad so look out. We may have your city in our sights next!

I have long-time business partner, even at my young age. We've owned 2 marketing companies, and been involved in Quizno's. Even as a kid, long before I had a license, I owned my own lawncare business.

I also have a separate business being built currently and a book coming out soon. I do motivational speaking and teach peak performance. I'll keep you posted on that adventure. At the time I write this entry (8/22/2011) we're a few months away from launch.

As I build this I plan on logging it on the DG website. You can track my progess. Smiling

Own Your Situation,

Project Management, Business, Guitars, Lifting Weights, Cars, Making money and learning more about finance in general.

Basic Info

Business Analyst / Project Manager / Entreprenuer
No Children
Completed College


Welcome Landczar

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Is always good to have new members to join and thanks for the really good info on marketing. Here is a lot of knowledge fill members and new info coming in every day.I'm learning everyday here and, I'm defenly going to use your merketing tips,thanks again and welcome.

Obama Nation

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Hey Ben,

I love your user name, The Landczar. Is there any chance you work for the Obama administration---just kidding. Hey, I too appreciate your tips for marketing. Thanks for taking the time to share that. Also, what kind of guitars do you have or like? I have a small collection, mostly solid body signatures and a few prized acoustics including my " pride & joy " 1953 Martin D28 with englemann spruce top and Brazilian sides and back. It has that classic Martin boom.

Hey I'm glad you're here and you have made a great choice on your path to success. My best regards in all your real estate endeavors.


question for your

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so you said these companies buy everything. Could I possibly ask who they are and what their number is. I have a ton of properties I am selling and I need a company like that, that would just come in a buy everything. Let me know the contact information of those companies if you could! Thanks Man and happy house hunting!