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Anthony Barnes
Piqua, Ohio
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I am a self employed Information Technology consultant that recently got effected due to the economy. My Contract was cut short which has left me without a job for the last month and a half. ON the bright side, this is the first vacation I have had in about three years.
While searching for another project(job) and studying to bring some of my certifications up to date I happened to get up early one morning and saw the infomercial. I was skeptical at the time and busy with my other studies so I kinda blew it off. A week or so later I caught the last half of the infomercial but was still a little hesitant, but started thinking about it. I decided if I caught the infomercial again that I take down the number and would order the book. This time, however, when the infomercial came on I not only ordered the book but I DVR'd the infomercial so I could share it with my wife and adult kids.

My credit is pretty wacked, I don't have a lot of money to invest due to no work and no pay but reading both of Dean's books BARM and PFRERN, I am hoping to at least atain some passive income. I plan on using the IEE for the first few deals to get some seed money and then buying some rental properties to atain the passive income.

It is 4:12am on 5/11/2009 and since I was unable to sleep thinking about starting my new journey, I decided to start work a little early. Today is the day that I take charge of my life and start building a brighter future. OH, and yes I am still looking for a job so I at least have a documentable income until this takes off.

I will be working on the Robotic marketing system and building my team this week.

Wish me luck!

Those who can, do! Those who don't, Hire those who can! Smiling

Real Estate, Video Editing, Learning and riding my scoooters with my wife.

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New in Columbus

Hey Anthony, my name is Brent. My fiance and I just recently came to the same conclusion that you did. Fortunately we still have our jobs but we dont want to work 9-5 for the rest of our lives. We are brand new at this so we are still learning everyday. We live in Columbus which isnt western Ohio but I figured it cant hurt to have some contacts elsewhere. I am sure we can learn tons from each other.

Journal update

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Well, the out of town job has finally ended. Now I can get back to the REI career.
I had my private mortgage lending seminar last thursday. It went pretty well.
I threw my back out on sunday so I am having trouble walking. Plan to meet with the realtor this week and look at some more properties.

The first deal!

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It just seems like this first deal is so hard to get. I know once I get there it should get easier but I really need a break.

I just keep saying to myself - My first check is on its way and when I get it my life will change.

Please send positive comments to me. I need help keeping the spirit up!!!

Hey Tony

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I hope you really get "The Edge" & thanks for all your help thus far. Keep pressing on because you have a family here also, not just at home Smiling

Everyone Can Make A Difference!
John A.

Do You Know


I live in the village of New Richmond which is 22 miles Southwest of Cincinnati in Clermont County, OH. I am hoping you know someone in this area I could get together with to learn how to make a living as a Real Estate Invester and hopefully will end up being financially rewarding for us.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Timothy A. Head

Hello . . . . my name is TONY

if you still come to DG's SITE I would really like to talk with you about JOINT VENTURING ON a deal or two. At least to listen to my ideas and offer advice as to what would work better or improve my method of investing
Thank you!