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I live in Biloxi, MS and my husband and I work at the local news station. I am a graphic designer and my husband, Tommy, is a meteorologist. We have 3 boys, so we stay busy whether we want to or not. We love real estate and the opportunities it has to offer. We desire to be financially independent and not have to work for anyone but ourselves. We feel like the best way to achieve this goal is to invest in real estate. My husband saw Dean's infomercial on television one night, he called me into the room to watch it and after watching for a few minutes I said 'let's call'. We are very excited to be embarking on this journey, we hope to make a lot of real estate deals, we would like to help people on the MS coast get back into a home they can call their own and we really want to turn some of these neglected, foreclosed on houses into the gems they once were ... and make some money doing it. : )

Driving around looking at real estate, playing with my boys, practicing my golf swing, relaxing with yoga and going on road trips.

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