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Rebecca Alvarez & Emanuel Perez
Sacramento, CA & Las Vegas, NV
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Hello! We are so excited about this website and starting our future to success. Here is a little about us, we are a young 26 year old couple that both reside in two different states at the time. We met in March of 2011 and fell in love instantly. Ever since we been on a very strong and challenging long distance relationship. Recently, it has been very difficult to see eachother due to financial set backs. This is making it very hard for us to see eachother every month like we planned. We plan on moving Emanuel out here to Sacramento, CA soon but again finances are the issue. Rebecca likes to learn and open her mind to new oppurtunites and is eager to make her future better for her family. Emanuel is very strong minded and is very persistant on also making his future very rewarding based on his hard work. Both are very determined individuals. Emanuel introduced Rebecca to Dean's amazing infomercial. He talked to her about it and she immediately became intrigued at the idea of making money in real estate. She got online and immediately purchased Dean's books. Now, I'm Rebecca the one writing our "about me" section in the third party because I'd like to tell our story like a story. I am currently reading Dean's books as we speak and can't put it down. I wish Emanuel was here to work with me but I am determine to do whatever it takes to get him here. I have 2 beautiful children from a previous relationship and they too are my motivation. Myself and Emanuel are ready to take this on! We are young and thinking about our lifetime future together. Right now, we would like to do a million things but can't due to money issues. That is why I am glad we have been given this oppurtunity to become successful. WE ARE READY!!!

Emanuel likes to body board and spend his time at the beach. Rebecca enjoys spending time with her kids and going to the gym.

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For the past two days I have been reading Dean's book and taking lots of notes while visiting this website talking to amazing people. I have learned so much already. I am currently nw to all of this but I have gotten started on researching my target area and how the current market is in my area. I am also ready to get started on making my buyers list, but I'm a little nervous only because I don't feel like I know enough yet to be confident enough to approach a buyer. I have to get over this I know!!! But i am willing to take the steps necessary so we can succeed.If you have an words or wisdom or insight you can give us that would be appreciated. Thanks Becca