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marcos fernandez
Lake Elsinore, CA.
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In Feb.'07 I made a decision to retire by the age of 35. Because of my circumstances at the time I had an awakening..I truly looked in the mirror and "knew" that this was it..I've seen my family have the same, if not worse, life style year after year and to top it off, complain about it. I "knew" the day I was able to walk the streets of southern California w/ a brown box and generic colones and perfumes and make someone pull $20-65 out their pocket after not knowing me 5mins prior 10-25x/day any given day..Boom!! the seed was planted. I've done sales on many levels, construction in almost its entirety, staffing agencies, food ind., etc. Fortunately, I've taken the good from the bad and still have a strong desire to channel the energy towards that 10yr goal..I'm not quitting because the other life is easy and has already been written. We've seen the results of it and its something I will no longer taste. I have a 13yr old Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, which the transmission is about to go, rat, roach, and ant infested house, oven as a heater, and just got approved as of 3/10/10 for an "EBT" I believe its my time. That day in Feb.'07 I heard something that made the most sense to me.."don't reinvent the wheel..the template is laid out..if you do what they do you will get what they get.." So....Dean...just shine the light on the path...and watch me walk it...cannot deny your existence for everything you've done...I'm here like a sponge and will absorb like a son...
1.To have a brain n the desire to use it to the utmost..
2.I know how to feed myself everyday..
3.My households patience n understanding..
4.The sun to rise everyday..=) means im that much closer..
5.My car..
6.Tools to make $$$-mouth, labtop n cell phone..
7.The opportunity to make it better than yesterday..

Marcos Fernandez

green technology, art, sports activities, networking, communication, nothing but (+)ity=)

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Glad to read your story here

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Very inspiring.