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cecil clay

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Realtor & Real Estate Investor
Have Child(ren)
Completed High School

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Mainly Just This One


Welcome Cecil

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Hi Cecil,

you may want to update your profile here so that other investors can see it too.

congratulations on taking the first steps towards your rei journey- I wish you a successful one! Try to become familiar with the site by reading the many posts and threads full of great information.



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Hi Val,

My profile may take a lil time...
the puter and I dont get along very well. Smiling

The amount of info is amazing on here.
I feel like a kid in a candy store. Its going to be fun watching Rob and I work together. I'm sure our success story will be great but the journey there will be priceless.


Lotsa Info

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I have been reading and exploring blogs, journals, websites and there is
an overwhelming amount of information.
Being a RE agent is going to help and hinder.
Looking forward to jumping in and see how much I can get done this week.

This is exciting!!

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My hubby fusses because when I paint a room
In the house I do very Lil tape'n and jump
Right into painting. Why he thought doing
DG investing was going to be any different is
Beyond me lol!
I found a gentleman that has been collecting
Rental properties. He had an ad on Craigslist
In another state. I'm pushing the ball forward
And hubby is like but you don't know what your
Doing... I'm like I'm doin what dean says.. I'm
Using is material.., I'm just not doing it in order.
Do you guys have an thought on this??
Should u READ all the information out there
Before I start talking and making deals?

no honey

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you couldn't read it all if you had years. i know i've tried Eye-wink. you're doing great. keep moving forward,rob

We make a great team

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We make a great team huny...Smiling
So a deal closed in 30days???


Just wanted to stop by and welcome you to the DG family. I want to wish you lots of success in REI. Lets connnect we are in PA.
Keep reaching for the stars
Donna Smiling


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I have a gentleman that is selling apartments.
I am familiar with finding comps for houses... I
know nothing about apartments. Where do I go
on DG or if you can tell me or you have web sites
I can goto I would greatly appreciate the help. I know
there is a deal here I'm just not sure how to get my
Please help!


Welcome aboard

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welcome to the site and the family. Take some time and fill out your bio so that we know what it is you are trying to do here. If you need help or a mentor PM me