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san bernardino,ca
About Me: 

I am very determined to make this work. Struggled enough and need to get back on my feet I have documented this day and the beginning of my new life.
Divorce is final left with nothing Now my life will start fresh again.

travel,reading,Real Estate

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Have Child(ren)
Completed Post Graduate


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Welcome to the site and the family. If you need help or mentoring send me a PM.

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Charmaine, I'm working on getting deals in IE areas. Stay in touch so that when I get a deal we can sell it quickly.

Francisco Ramirez
Property Acquisition Specialist


I have something for you to find Hard Money Lenders and buyers these are from our DG Family Posts and blogs, you can check which ones you might need. Keep going and let me know what happens. I haven't call any of them yet but made my list. Let me know what happens ok. I am new too and haven't yet purchased any prop. Trying to line up my team to make it happen. God Bless!
Here are some ways to find lenders in your area:
Hard Money Lenders
Capital Direct Funding
Karla Banuelos,, 626-796-1680
California hard money

Chesterfield Mortgage,
Stella Scott,, 206-464-8770, 206-550-0006
Western United States hard money lender

Concept Funding,
David Littlefield,, 818-660-9807
California full service conventional and hard money lenderHere by Jeff are some ways to find Jeff Jensen

Equity Development Corp,
Midwest and eastern United States hard money lender

Greenview Lending,
Jay Green,, 714-714-1919, 800-978-0133, Chris Estrada, 323-514-0777
California hard money lender

Meecorp Capital,
Howard Meltzer,, 201-944-9330
Nationwide commercial hard money lender

Metro Funding,,
Joe Adler, joeadler@****, 866-302-6360
Nationwide hard money lender

PB Financial Group,
Pouyan Broukhim,, 310-289-0900 ext 102
California hard money lender

Pacific Private Money Loans
Mark Hanf,, 800-605-8050, 415-850-5555
California hard money lender

Paradigm Capital Funding
380 Lexington Avenue, Suite 2020
New York, New York 10168
Phone: (212) 661-0858

Nationwide. Private money lender
Redwood Mortgage,
Tim Burwell,, 310-792-7479
California commercial hard money lender

SDC Capital Funding,, 818-933-5935
California and Arizona hard money lender

80 ways to find buyers:1. Freebie Newspaper Ads

2. Minor Newspaper Ads
3. Newspaper Weekend Edition Ads
4. FSBO Magazines
5. Business Cards
6. Paper Signs
7. Bandit Signs
8. Door Hangers
9. Bulletin Boards
10. Handouts
11. Flyers
12. Real Estate Agents
13. Expired MLS Listings
14. Open Houses
15. Title Companies
16. Closing Agents
17. Accountants
18. CPA’s
19. Attorneys
20. Mortgage Brokers
21. Lenders
22. Property Management Companies
23. Financial Planners
24. Financial/Money Advisors
25. Investors
26. Home Inspectors
27. Appraisers
28. County Records Employees
29. Escrow Officers
30. Hard Money Lenders
31. Private Money Lenders
32. Secondary Lenders
33. Developers
34. Contractors
35. Local Employers
36. Rent-to-Own Stores
37. Referrals
38. Your Existing Occupants
39. Sub-Contractors
40. Handymen
41. Door-to-door Canvassing
42. Free Gift Advertizing
43. Postcards
44. Promotional Materials/Calendars/Note Pads/Magnets
45. Cooperative (Co-Op) Advertising
46. Legal Newspapers
47. Grocery Store/Wal-mart
48. Flower Carts
49. Benches
50. Bus Stop
51. Adopt a Street Sign
52. Laundromats
53. Car Washes
54. Yellow Pages
55. Restaurants
56. Restrooms
57. Mail Center
58. TV Guide/Newspapers
59. TV Ads/Commercial
60. Special TV Programming
61. Radio Ads
62. Billboards
63. Walking Billboards
64. T-Shirts
65. Hats
66. Community Business Organizations
67. Chamber of Commerce
68. Sponsor Sports Team
69. Sponsor an Event
70. Charitable events
71. Charitable Raffles
72. Host a Charitable Function
73. Local Churches
74. Weekly Hotels
75. Property Brochures
76. Magnetic Vehicle Signs
77. Vehicles Wraps
78. Real Estate Auctions
79. White Vehicle Lettering
80. Club Membership Bulletin Board


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What areas are you looking to invest in? I am in the Atlanta, GA area.


hi there

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hi there mainly southern california at the moment