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I'm here in Houston (edge of Spring and Aldine), was wondering if you wanted to meet up and discuss some REI strategies. I'm very new to this and was hoping to meet up with something that's been in the game for a while.


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My name is Sandra. I have only been in Houston for a few years.New also to investing.Would you like to meet up, maybe we can help each other. My email is faye21@****

I'm also new to Real Estate

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My name is Alex and I live in Houston near Pearland. I started with Dean's program about a month ago. Right now I'm helping my brother, we are doing improvements to his house as he is planning on putting it on the market. I have been reading and learning a bit of assigment of contracts, does any one know more about this topic?

New to RE - looking for local support group!

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Hi there,
I just enrolled in Dean's RE Academy. I would like to meet others doing the same thing to share information that pertains to Texas and Houston area. Good luck to all and hope to hear from you!

How is it going Manny?

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Hey if you want to meet up let me know maybe we can exchange Ideas.....

Alex Rubio


hi this is Ishikee,i am in south houston and i would like to meet up with someone in the group. ishikee


Hi Iam Earl iam out of southside of houston and i should be locking up my first deal this weekend just stay at it don't let any thing get you down.

TX Notes with High Returns

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We buy TX real estate notes and sell them to individuals & companies that want to receive high returns (12-18%+) that have low Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio's. All of these notes are secured by the real estate. Pls contact us if you have any interest in this type of investment. We currently have some TX product that you might be interested in. See our website at: or email us at

new DG student

Hello Earl. I am beginning Dean's program. I visit Southside several times a week. How are you doing? Is there any kind of support group/investors networking going on around here which uses Dean's info? I will be looking for investors and deals for them.

Hi question about this club

I am new to the club and interested in figuring out how to read the old posts. Also, I'm intersted in connecting with anyone who knows the Houston/Conroe area. What is the rental market like? Anyone have any tenant placement folks in the area seeking rentals?