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Chrishone Reed
College Station TX
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My name is Chrishone Reed, I was raised in Michigan City IN and I am a person who loves knowledge and growing in character and I have just now recently arrived in College Station TX. I like the place for the most part. Im looking for some work now but my main focus is real estate.2/23/12 is when i got deans books and now im getting into this info more then ever the funny thing is I came down with the intention of doing real estate anyway I was reading Robert Kiyosakis books and so I was trying to increase my finacial IQ which I now know is alot higer then before. Now im trying to get the info filed in my brain in order lol but it's been great so far I have high hopes for the future and hope to be a big player in this realestate game and hope to change my whole family legacy single well The Most High being the back bone that is. and get ready to take the steps on my first bird dogging if I can SO hello Deans list lol. and lets make money and Grow together.
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I love to study history on my free time, to talk about my findings, to give people direction who have none to inspire, I really just love to learn useful things like herbs natural cures exercise, foreign affairs

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unemplyed/ real estate investor now lol
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