Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #184 - Logical Decisions

Are you emotionally driven? Most people are. We let our emotions drive our actions. Your emotions can be powerful motivators or they can cause destructive lack of action.

This week, we talk about taking the emotion out of the decision process. It allows you to take ownership of your life and your actions, as well as gain the confidence you need in all areas. This can do everything from changing the way you feel about yourself to dramatically changing the economy in your house.

Watch it now and as a special surprise, you'll find out how anyone who leaves a comment on this blog this week can get a FREE digital copy of my bestselling book 'Totally Fulfilled.'

Consider me bribed, and I'll

Consider me bribed, and I'll post this link to Twitter to get to word out there! Laughing out loud
OH, and WHY do I think Real Estate is Logical? One word.

Look through history and you will see that the people who controlled the land, the Real Estate, -- be they Lords and Ladies of the Medieval, to the Cattle Barons and Railroaders of the Wild West, to the Trumps of today- all their wealth came from the Land, and by controlling it- they made their money work for them and grow.

Thank you Dean!

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thank you for another motivating weekly wisdom. And your book "Totally Fulfilled" is my absolutely favorite book of yours! I would love to get a free electronic copy;

Consider this a goal of mine! I will do my part to share this weekly wisdom with everyone I know!

We are a bunch of positive people here, trying to better ourselves and our families, and we do appreciate you being spontaneous and emotional, and bringing out the same spontaneity and emotions from us- we emit from you!

Everything you say is logical! absolutely! We all are qualified to succeed in rei! I am taking action, and it is the best thing I have ever done-not the easiest, but I have never gotten the results I have been getting since I joined this site... not even close!!!

From another one of your forever grateful family member,

I agree!

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Wow this is some powerful stuff. Ready to move on and take a great big leap.

Emotion is good, Action is Better!

Dean, I love your video blogs, so inspirational and motivating! Mother's Day blog was fantastic! It spoke to all the women out there, myself included, to not feel guilty about wanting to succeed and wanting to win in life, to believe it's ok to feel fulfilled and ok to desire life's best. Thank you!
Dean, another great video blog today. I can relate to feeling excited and emotional about something then feeling deflated when a bit of resistance or an obsticle is encountered. Which happened to me just recently. I watched your past video blogs and started to regain my inspiration! Yeah!! Your right, after the emotion our logical decisions and action steps will lead us to the victory. Thanks for the encouragement!


Trish S

Desperate, needing a partner

Hoping we all get the electronic copy of Totally Fulfilled. I am a believer in taking action, however when circumstances outside of your control caused me financial devistation and tremendous debt, I am trying to unbury myself and get out from under. I also don't trust myself since I don't feel like I have knowledge to do things the right way. I worry when doing things turn out bad can make things worse for me. I try not to live by fear but when other things in my life are not successful, it is hard to trust yourself.

I am finding it hard to do anything that seems risky without doing it side-by-side with a professional there to support me every step of the way, not just on the phone.

I would like to find a way to partner in ILLINOIS with someone as we work to divide and conquer through the first couple deals until I develop a level of comfort.

I even have a house directly behind me that was foreclosed on and has been sitting empty for months, yet I don't have confidence to do anything without help.

Great blog

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It's obvious that you are passionate about REI. I'm so glad to be a part of th DG family, EVERY time I come out here (daily) I learn something new. So much I started blogging on my own (here) and giving back some pf the knowledge and techniques I've acquired. Thank you Dean, one day this eagle is going to soar.


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I'm going to continue to push forward regardless what's comes my way. I have not read Totally Fulfilled. I heard many great things and would loved to get mu hands on it so I could enjoy the knowledge that's in it.
Also I have been in contact with a Dg student that lives in my area. We have spoke about partnering up. Hope all all goes well .

Thanks Dean


I agree Dean

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That was Powerful Dean.It's get hard sometimes but the key is to never give up no matter what's happening.

Thanks Dean

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Thanks Dean!

thinking logical

I'm with you dean, I will send this post to all my friends and family. I tell them all the time, now they can hear it from (the best) you.

P.S. Looking to partner with someone in Fayetteville NC

So True Dean!

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Already have the book Totally Fulfilled but won't mind getting another! Smiling Great book! And thanks Dean for being spontaneous and are the real deal! Smiling

I'm sold

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Dean you have brought back that drive that has been inside of me. I let life get in the way, but looking logically at my situation and then taking a look if I take complete action in Real Estate, their is only one logical choice. TAKE ACTION!!! Thanks so much Dean for your words of wisdom.

Not to mention, if we meet your challenge this week, we get your book Totally Fulfilled. Let's do it DG fam!!! Let's rise to the challenge.


I feel it and I am ready to get started. Got a realtor and I am ready to get some deals.

Logically speaking.....

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Another great weekly wisdom Dean Smiling
I've actually been doing the things you have taught us regarding removing the "obstacles" and "Nay-Sayers" and have found myself doing more alone than ever before. However, this is what had to happen so I was able to get that first deal done. That deal changed even my thinking. Now, I'm trying to break that 2nd deal barrier and it's been tough. But I still believe that it's out there even though the other investors (outside of the DG family) are hindering me more than helping me. But I still believe that that the right way is the DG way so I trudge on!
What's funny is that my Dad, when he was alive, was a stock broker yet didn't make a killing in the market. My Mom, was a RE agent yet didn't make a killing in Real Estate. I'm of a mind that it's my job to change that trend. With your help Dean, I'm positive I'll make it happen. That's only logical.
FYI: I don't have a stock portfolio anymore and I don't talk real estate with my Mom either Eye-wink
I'm spreading your word Laughing out loud

Till next week...

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC member


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Thanks for another great WEEKLY WISDOM.You always find a way to ignite the drive in me.I have allowed life's circumstances to get in my way.Now it is upt to me to finally TAKE ACTION.
Never listening to the naysayers again,no matter who they are.With the WHY,THE DREAM,THE GOAL,I will be on my way.Thank you for all that you do.GOD Bless you and your beautiful family.

Corpus Christi,Texas,USA

Thank you, Dean!


Thank you for another great inspirational weekly wisdom! I was a student for many years but you were the first person to actually motivate me to take action. You taught me that zero effort equals zero results. I appreciate you doing these weekly blogs for us and urging us to take action.

I sure hope we break the record this week! Totally Fulfilled is the only book you've written that I don't already have and I'd love to read it.

Thanks again,

You are an Angel Sent from Heaven

Hi Dean, it was a pleasure for my husband and I to meet you in person this past weekend in Las Vegas. We both agree that you are so genuine in your quest to help people achieve their dreams and goals in real estate and in life. Your sincerity and passion is the real deal. God certainly sent us an "Angel" to educate and motivate all of us in the DG family. Thanks Dean. You are an inspiration to us all.

Respectfully, Beth and Tracy

Well said

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You are so right Val,

Absolutely we are qualified and ready to succeed. It is amazing how these blogs always seem to hit home when he does them. There is always some factor that make you think and re-motivates you too.

One Day They Will!

The trait of a real leader is to be firmly grounded in their own beliefs that they will not be moved by any disbeliefs from any other sources.
they are so convinced that, they are worried about how come others do not see the so obvious opportunity. And yet they keep on doing what they do best! Motivating, encouraging again and again and again hoping that one day the ones who are not taking action will.
This video has done it for me! It hit a core within me and I will no longer let neither myself nor my family nor Dean down.
This videO has some hidden power which really reveals who you are DEAN. A CARING PERSON. SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

Wow Dean!

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Heading to the top! Just recently (last Friday), I convinced my brother to invest in our first deal. He saw the numbers, liked it and now we are in the process to close our first deal together! My brother wasnt sure about real estate but he saw some of my properties and saw an opportunity. He is a Medical student with no much money (right now), but he believes we have an opportunity and partnered on a deal with me!

I have to admit that we have been a little disconnected from the site, because he has been working on our next step up! And believe me we will multiple what we were doing and find our freedom in real estate! Couple of properties under contract and closing soon.

Thanks again for your wisdom Dean. It was great again meeting you at the edge. Tom and Jeri

I am not going to be looking back with regret!

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Not going to look back with regret, no sir - thanks to you. I'm on my way to crazy success with real estate. Now I have the incredible honor get others stepping onto their own personal road to success with Boots on the Ground! What a thrill. This country is rockin and rollin with a turn around, and we are a big part of it! It is a great joy to teach and see tears of hope and relief well up in the eyes of the students. Thanks for the constant inspiration, tools and wisdom!

thanks again dean

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it's easy for people to be emotional, it's what we do with it and how we direct our focus that matters. so get emotional, but be emotionally charged. useless emotion is well, useless.
keep moving forward, rob

p.s. dean i've posted and made the commitment that i have to have 24 deals in the books before i see everyone at edge'13. if people here can do that many in a month, it shouldn't be unrealistic that i do it in a year.
now that's something to be emotional about Eye-wink!

Thank You Dean

Just signed up for a financial education and am excited but's do or die for us.

REI is now for sure

Thank you Dean for another inspiring weekly wisdom. I had to work today at my little side job over at Costco for WDS serving demo samples. Its extra money that I can use to keep my ship afloat. Last Monday my HAMP was approved and my ship is turning. I can feel it. I have no intention of going down as in Titanic. So far this has been an awesome year in spite of obstacles. Next thing I am going to do is Walk for $'s. I can see some real benefits from doing so. Remove emotion and JUST DO. You Dean are one of my EARTH ANGELS and you are part of God's plan. I am forever grateful and always inspired by you.


I would like to say that my daughter is one of the hardest working people I know and she is always excited!! I can't help but be proud and excited for her!! You go Makeba, make all your dreams come true!!

Dean, so glad to see YOU promoting this book! :)

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This was the book that really helped to change my life, and I tell anyone and EVERYONE about it. Smiling I'm sure you saw my video for the blog and it was a great opportunity to say just how important this book was to my journey; so many think it has nothing to do with real estate, but it has EVERYTHING to do with setting up the mindset for success that comes with real estate. Smiling

Logical, totally! Laughing out loud But, you didn't have to convince me of that. Sticking out tongue I'll see if I can get my hubby to watch this. I won't hold my breath, but I'll try. Cool

Thanks Dean, keep 'em coming!

A limit

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Well, you didn't say there were any limits to the number of posts we EACH could do, did you? Just want to clarify so my next 20 posts here count. Sticking out tongue

GUNNNNSSSSS!!! Love the new nickname for Dean, Keith! Sticking out tongue


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Love the new nickname for Dean, Keith! Sticking out tongue


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I love watching your blogs each week and getting them out to my facebook friends. You get so excited that there is no way to stop me from getting just as excited. This year has been the best year so far and continuing to take our business to the next level and then some, my goal for so, so many personal and professional reasons.
You are one of my REI shining stars and for that I am forever grateful. Blessings to all the DG family keep moving forward it is the only way &You CAN do it!! Smiling

So Charged!!!!

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I left the EDGE so motivated and the Weekly Wisdoms are helping keep that enthusiasm up. I shared it and I'm sure the message will reach many people and change their lives, even if it's just a little different way to think. Awesome. Dean, see you soon.

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