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Hi Carla how are you? I ma fine it is Ron from Omaha Nebraska I want to partner up with you on homes in Ohio. I don't know if you still have the one for 42 thousand but I hope so. anyway my email address is ronaldwnrt49@**** I am looking forward to doing business with you on flips okay have a nice day Ron Weinert


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Hi Carla I belong to another find it and get it funded program. where you can help me find middle class homes in nice areas for around 45 thousand less than ARV minus repair costs. 2 3 beds 1+ baths that need work done. maybe 100 k homes for 60 minus repairs. then all I have to do is submit the contracts to the investors on this website I belong to it is called find it and fund it. anyway the investors will take the deal over if the numbers work and we would get paid just for submitting the deal if you can get homes like that in Columbus we can make money submitting them to other investors. I only need 4 sold comps for this program sold within 12 months of the subject property and similar properties.

Ron, I appreciate your


I appreciate your willingness to do a deal with me. I am interested in working with you. I will start the research on that right away. What is the bird dog fee for finding homes?

The home I am currently selling is priced at 48K The two most recent comps is in the 50's and there is a couple in the high 30's and needed rehab.
This home is next to a school and csn easily rent at 625 - 650. I would be willing to sell discounted, rent it and manage it for and investor. I would be happy to give you a bird dog fee...

I will start looking for high homes, too. Take care, Carla