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Denny and Gina Schnathorst
About an hour north of Des Moines, IA
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We are 44 yrs old and we are dedicated to success. We have known about Dean Graziosi for a couple of years and we trust him and his team to teach us and assist us to the success that we expect of ourselves. Our expectations are high, we expect a lot out of ourselves and we realize that the Dean Graziosi Real Estate Academy is a moral, ethical and practical way to achieve the success that we expect of ourselves. Our plan is to have Gina working real estate from home full-time. We realize that that is an aggressive goal yet it is possible. With the instruction, tools and experience available to us, we expect to succeed.
We are very impressed with the instruction and guidance that we have received so far. We are looking forward to hearing others' success stories and sharing our success stories. This seems to be a great avenue to seek assistance and/or to network. Thank you for making this opportunity so affordable and realistic!!! Denny & Gina

Following our 4 kids to various events!!!!

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Denny is "classified", Gina is an M.D. at a rural hospital (Marketing Director)
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Feeling a little lost

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Hi! We bought Dean's books about 3 weeks ago. Denny has read Profit...and I am just about done. We've done our first 3 lessons and are anxiously awaiting further instruction. For the time being we're feeling a little lost and maybe that is normal but I think it would be nice to know if others have gone through the same growing pains and anxiety that we are. This is scary and exciting all at the same time!! Please tell me we are not alone! Smiling


Denny and Gina

Real Estate License

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We've been part of this group for some time now and really are just now getting around to making it a reality. My hope was to be able to make this a full-time lifestyle and still want that now more than ever. I have a nasty habit of letting fear guide me in my journey but right now I am so disgruntled in my job that I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get this moving.

My question to you all is do you think it would be beneficial to get my real estate license? I'm thinking it might help just to get the background real estate education. What do you think?

Thanks and Happy Easter!!


What I have come to know, by Gina

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I am destined for greatness and I am NOT afraid anymore. I know what I want and more importantly what I DON'T want. My goal is in my site and I will not falter or fail - I cannot fail because I am destined for greatness. Everything I've done up until this very day has been pre-determined for me because there is something more, something better waiting for me - I'll have to work at it but that's okay because my destiny is already set...I AM DESTINED FOR GREATNESS!!

Gina Schnathorst