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Hi, Welcome to the site.

I suggest that you copy the entire post that you just made in Rina's journal and re-post it with a new title under a brand new forum topic heading Something like "NEWBIE IN CRISIS, WITH POTENTIAL!
Many people, me included, follow Rina's journal to see how she is progressing with her properties, deals etc..
The members that can really help and advise you, Rins included, might not even read her journal regularly and will miss your plea for help! I think that you do have a good couple of possibilities right in front of your nose and there are people here who will help you decide the best course of action! Where to start and what to do first.


Hey Dan ... Nothing at all! You?


Did you ever hear from mr.501k about his $5 million dollar lender?



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Dan, just curious how long you have been birdogging? I'll be getting laid off my job in august, and i really want to get started birddogging.....any tips wud be appreciated! How is the fee determined? I ran an ad on craigslist tonight....how did you advertise....thanks in advance for the info Dan!