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Dave Bruton and Cynthia M. Sunday
Red Bluff CA

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getting started

We would very much like to talk with any one in California reading Deans book. We are primarily interested in no money down strategies. We live in Red Bluff (northern CA).

Dave and Cindy

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How do we get to the edge network?

Am I there already?


Northern California

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Hello Dave and Cindy,
my name is Caroline and I am new to the "DG Family" and I am looking to meet other fellow northern California investors to network and hopefully do deals together as well.
I'm in Roseville which is 2hrs away but I'm looking to invest not only here but nationwide.

It would be great to talk to you guys and learn from your experience.

Alright, take care and thank you for your time


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Hello davenc!
Dean's robotic marketing strategies have produced several real estate leads in your state! I live in NC. Have you partnered with out of state investors?
I do not have properties under contract yet, but I am interested in partnering for a win-win-win deal.
Your NC DG Family,