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Caroline Jones
Roseville, California
About Me: 

I am a passionate learner and take action dreamer. I am highly motivated and driven by God and I can't wait to start helping people.

Real Estate!, lol, Music, The Foreign Exchange Market, Reading, Drawing, Computers, Programming, Video games, drums, a lot more, I like to keep myself busy :p!

Basic Info

Tooling Engineer
No Children
In College

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Mainly Just This One


Good Luck!

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Just wanted to stop buy and say (how do you girls say it?) Whats up, or whats going on? I have 2 college daughters and your drive is Great! My 2 are Great drivers to! I wish you Luck with Real Estate and if I could help you let me know.

Jay C


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Hi Jay C!

I'm just saw your msg on my profile Smiling

lol What's up to you? Sticking out tongue

I just wanted to say thank you so much for offering your help I can definitely use it! I'm tirelessly working towards my first deal and I'm learning SO MUCH as I go along. I'm building my buyers list and learning how to identify deals. If you could give me some help on this I would greatly appreciate it. I'm still understanding ARV and getting the numbers right to make an offer.

I have a cash buyer ready to buy some properties in Northern California and I'm looking for something that would be a great deal for him. I want to find it AS SOON AS I CAN Laughing out loud !!!!!!!!!!!

This is all so exciting I am having a great time
and it's great to find people such as your self that are willing to help Laughing out loud

Thank you once again, and God bless you, your daughters
and your family!

Take care,



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Thank you for visiting my guestpage on DG.com. We want to wish you much success with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe and Stacey

Happy New Year to you!

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I saw your post to 'davenc' concerning your your interests in real estate investing nationwide. I am clear across the country in Charlotte, North Carolina, but I am willing to partner in real estate deals. I currently have properties that are being researched, however none are contracted yet.
Also, Dean's robotic marketing systems are working for me! I have callers from your state inquiring about my ads! These could lead to deals!
Wishing you much success!
Your NC DG Family,