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Marc Armel
Vegas area

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Real Estate Investor
My Pets Are My Kids
Some College

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Mainly Just This One


At Closing

This story is like "wake up little Susie" as I numbly sit here and then I read a story like yours. CONGRATULATIONS. I am trying to comprehend what you are saying. So at closing you will get the brokers fee but you will pay all charges since the buyer has no money down? I am just trying to see what you are saying. You sure will make a bundle of money, this is incredible, like getting rich over night. There's no ghost here?
The hands of the Diligent Maketh Rich Proverbs 10:4 I am so jealous but it takes guts, I am overwhelmed.

Congratulations Marc! Way to

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Congratulations Marc! Way to go on your first deal! I am also located in Vegas and know this is a great location for this business. If you don't mind, I am going to send you an email or private message soon to ask a couple questions. Congrats again!