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I still have some fear of not being able to get on the right track. I did contact so people from my local rei investment clubs, but as I mentioned in an earlier post I have just lost my job and have very little money to follow through with some of the techniques that are in Deans books. I am planning on attending a local foreclosure auction this week to introduce myself to some of the investors there to try to build my buyers list. I did make a contact with someone when I called the investment clubs that says he would be interested if I found a property at 30% under fmv, so i'm looking for properties to fit the bill. Using the techniques that I can use right now. It may take me a little longer because of income restrants, but that just makes me work harder with the time and resources that I do have. I am very determined and encuraged. I know that the information posted on this site as well as the stories from other post will keep me going until I meet my goals. So I thank Dean for giving us this oppertunity and inspiration to continue our dreams no matter what. If anyone can please post information on what they did to get started with absolutly no money, it would be greatly appreciated.