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Rick and Dianna (me) have 3 wonderful teenage children and live outside of Philly in the burbs. We have always wanted to do a business together outside our jobs, and have tried some, but have never made them a true success. Let's face it, we were not 100% committed to the process. Dianna was a nurse for 23 years and Rick is in sales. Through affiliations with other business groups, we have always known that having a business with the ability to have a true residual income was the right thing to do. Through the years, Dianna dabbled in other home businesses, but always came back to an interest in real estate investing. In Rick's other life he built custom homes and had a construction business. Real Estate investing was something we could do together. Dianna quit her corporate nursing job to pursue her interent video marketing businesses.
I, Dianna, saw Dean being interviewed by one of my internet marketing mentors, Mike Keonigs, whom I admire for the quality of people he surrounds himself with. So when he interviewed Dean, I was all ears. Mike only picks the cream of the crop.
The minute I saw Dean, I felt his sincerity and honesty come across. He discussed marketing principles on this interview, but he was also launching his Rock Bottom Blue Print at this time.
I knew this is what I wanted to do, Real Estate Investing, and it was something that I could do with my husband.
I got RBB and started watching the Edge videos with my husband. He was upset b/c we already had a real estate home course from one of the other RE gurus, but i wanted Deans up to date information, enthusiasm and honesty.
So, my husband and I read Dean's books, watched his videos and now my husband is so enthusiastic about making RE investing our livelihood and future.
It is so great to see my husband excited about something and watch his eyes light up.
It is so great to know that your hard work can truly pay you what you're worth and you set your own bar.

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Hi Rick and Dianna

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congratulations on joining the DG family and taking steps together on your rei journey; you will find great advice and resources on this site, as well as in all of DG's books and coaching programs.
It is so true, that your hard work in this will definitely pay off!

wishing you success,