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diana sanchez
albuquerque, new mexico
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My focus is putting people in affordable homes, placing displaced homeowners who are credit worthy facing challenges due to the current housing market and or personal situations making it hard or impossible to secure a traditional loan in nice homes they can afford is a priority. I am achieving this by wholesaling to like minded investors and/or rehabing homes and selling them. I am good at negotiating and finding good properties. In most cases in a wholesale transaction I bring an end buyer to the table. I love win win deals. I also oversee the rehab project for investors who have no rehabbing knowledge I have teams of handymen and contractors I work with. I have 20+ years experience in RE buisness. For the last 3 years i have focused on building my wholsaling and flipping buisness. I recently formed PHP investments LLC. (people helping people) I believe that Real Estate Investing is a small industry and if you do the right thing and work with true integrity it does not take long to develope a good reputaton in this field. My goal is to find an investor with deep pockets or sevreral investors who do the funding while i find the homes, rehab and the families will come.


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estetician, RE Investor
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Mainly Just This One


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