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would like to know also

Hi David, I am in Florida, and would also like to know if this will give you some advantage over the other guys,my daughter is thinking about doing online schooling for this is it worth it?


I will keep you in the loop, I am still investigating the topic, but thus far I am seriously considering it.

your long post on the Ohio house

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Hi David:

I read your long post on the house you bought in Ohio. I liked it!

two questions:

- I live in Manhattan (Im a Structural engineering student at CUNY). I can't find deals like the one you found around here (Manhattan prices are too high). I found deals that looked interesting, but in area I don't know at all!
Do you think I should still consider them?

-Deed freen and clear means that there's no taxes on the house? How did you check that?

Thanks for your help.



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hi david, im sry but i need help on getting started in this business.i have a house in mind, but no realtor, and someone thats wanting to buy a home for 200,000.00 n down.i need to no where do i go who do i talk to, n if i get this house n noone buys it before the closing date, what happens to me. please help me