Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #31 - Dean’s caught in beach battle and still prevails!

Friends, if you are looking to get information that will deliver massive, MASSIVE results to you in your efforts to succeed in real estate - and get that information FREE!!!!! - you're in the right place.

If you’ve been a part of the Success Blitzkrieg that Dean has launched You know what I mean! We continue to get a tremendous response, and if you like what you've received already...


You better be onboard this week! (My advice from the inside).

In the meantime, watch and listen to Dean's latest discovery and then See the brutal beach fiasco that earned Dean big bragging rights!


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Thanks for sharing more advice we can use and get inspired by. We are looking so forward to getting the new "Blitz" information that you will be releasing in the next 3-4 weeks, that you mentioned in this video. Also, thank you for sharing the newsletter, recent conference call and ideas for credit card debt reduction video with all of us.

I believe it is so key, as you stated in this week's blog, to not worry about the competition and only worry about your own sucess. This is great advice because if you only have so much energy in a day it is better to spend it on yourself rather than thinking about your competition. It is also key, as you stated, to never let anyone hold you back and as you indicated at the Gain the Edge event 09, if you know your "WHY" you want this, then everything else will not matter. You will have the courage and inspiration to go forward.

Thanks for sharing the Necker Island "Olympic" videos with us, glad to see you won even though you had some heavy hitters and big competition rolling down the field. A+ for effort and durability. Smiling Continued success on all your deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

keep the DRIVE going dean !!

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the DRIVE that YOU have dean is what FEEDS us!thanks for every bit of knowledge you have instilled in us.vant wait to see what you have in store for the next blitz !! DEAN you remind me of a quote from orison swett marden...."PUT VIM,FORCE,VITALITY INTO EVERY MOVEMENT OF YOUR BODY.LET YOUR VERY ATMOSPHERE BE THAT OF [ONE] WHO IS...DETERMINED TO STAND FOR SOMETHING,AND TO BE SOMEBODY...DARE TO STEP OUT OF THE CROWD AND BLAZE YOUR OWN PATH !!"


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Thank you so much for the things you do! I'm looking foward to the new upcoming information! It took a great deal of my life before I understood the affects from being around negative people could have on you. Especially when it's family. For some people it will determine their outcome in life. But I give credit to God that he gave me the strength and will to rise above it! Negativity is a daily thing thats going to happen. It's how YOU ultimately choose to address it. I'm choosing not buy into the negativety they say about this new adventure I'm on in real estate with you Dean. Because I can see for myself that this is a once in my life time chance. I will not allow anyone to take this away from me! I'm taking everthing I ever learned. And I'm going to Make It Happen! It's my choice. I'm rising above it. Change is difficult, but it must be made. It's My Time! Continued success to you and family.........Lubertha

To dean

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I thank god for you been a such positive role model for everyone in this web site. Giving so much information for everyone to be involved to change there life all i can say is WOW. Im in ur coaching program and it's been the best tool i got in my life and i'm going full speed ahead to change every bad situation i have and to flip it to a good situation and to have the best life for my family and i.I'm always looking in this website for new information from all the really nice and smart individuals that makes this place a really good place to go everyday.Thanks so much for the videos you fix for us to look at.I enjoy every minute of it.The best thing anyone can give is knowledge and motivation.Thanks again dean.


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What a lifestyle! I'm gonna be there someday....thanx again DEAN for aall the inspiration and motivation!



You really have inspired us all and getting us really motivated and us following you to our dreams. Thanks again for all you do for your people.

Paul T. La Moy

Thank you Dean

Dean, I just wanted to thank you for the weekly blogs. After reading all the books, joining the academy, I have to admit one day I sat down and watched each blog from number one to about number 28 at the time. It was the blogs that pushed me over the edge and I made my first deal a day or two later.
Please keep them going, I am sure someone else will be driven to action as I was.



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Everytime I see you It inspires me so much.I can't explain why it just dean thank you for putting all this together and help me and countless others on improving our lives so much.
I can never repay you for what you are doing for me by improving my life both mental and in the not so far future money wise.
So thank you from my heart and soul
anthony palumbo


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Thanks for everything, keep it up. You are putting your competition to shame!! You are the best!



Dean, your words of encouragement and success in the sandy arena tells us what you are truly made off. We know for sure they cannot beat you. Therefore we guess they will just have sit by and wallow in their self pity. Thanks Dean for all you have done and continue to do for us to allow us to reach that next level.



I'm new to this and the information is so interesting, I chase a lot of rabbits. But I'm
getting there, trying to focus on 100% financing type financing. It seems to me that everybody I've read about bought the First book and even the 30 day head start audios reference it. So I ordered it too. Meanwhile I'm half through the second book and have four days to finish it and learn some of this material. Dean, if you read these, one of the best motivational speakers I've ever heard was Zig Zigler. You're right up there with him. Thanks.


Dean, Have not been able to download the last 2 videos. I was able to download your Sir Richard video no problem. Using Hughes Net. Are these videos put into text somewhere so I would be able to read them. Thank, elaine

my dreams will not be denied

Big Thanks to you Dean, I have read your 2 Books and enjoyed them very much still re reading and figuring out more. Knowledge is power I will not accept the word no or can't be done anymore. I am on my way to achieve great success. There is so many options and new doors that have opened.I love this site with positive feed back and watching and learning real people doing it Today in real estate.My first comment running long all the Best to you and everyone here working a stadegy. Keep it up Dean. respectfully,Bill


Thanks again Dean! The inspiration and Blitz of information truly makes an exponential difference.

Thank you for your constant effort in forcing our success! Smiling

Thank you for the "kick"

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I don't even have to be around nay sayers for their opinions to get me down. Their tapes play in my head and it takes real effort to turn the tope player off (I just dated myself) Anyway, the Blitz couldn't come at a better time. I've been in a lag lately but I'm back now and ready to work with your/my team and make it happen. I am so grateful for your positive push. I need it.
God Bless,

07/01/09 meeting with leading real estate broker in WA...

ForSaleByWholesaler's picture about the know I've gone through 5 real estate agents...first three were just agents...#4 ad #5...were realtors broker managers...won't say company for the sake that this isn't about bashing other companies. So I meet with these 2 top producing managers in Real Estate for my state. I couldn't tell you the amount of negative I got. was amazing. After meeting with #5, I was suppose to goto another meeting with a Gov't REO broker. I decided not to, but thinking in my head...I just got to go...I didn't. I went home, cuz' all I new was that everyone in WA when they here the magic words "Assignment or Double Close" immediately the flags go up. Even though I know I will be doing everything ethically and according to law. Out of scared - I simply emailed the reo broker and told him my common response from other realtors and that for the sake of not wasting his time...I'll simply mention the words double close in my email. That was suppose to be the end of it. He calls me and afraid I was, but I Picked up the phone and little did I know...he believes in "What goes around - Comes Around". I am now meeting with him next wednesday July 8th. He was the one who told me, if I can help you and even assist, he would love to. Our meeting is now set up with his own words, that we won't have any expectations of anything. We'll keep an open mind and perhaps develop a relationship.

Wow - my family, friends, real estate professionals, all against me. But I know I will become, because I've already established that in my mind and purpose of why I'm even doing this. It is for my family, friends, who all are having difficulties in this economy. I see it - tearing up my family and friends...I will not stand for it, I'm thankful for people like DEAN and the wonderful that are open minded and understanding my vision and believing my vision.

Thanks to DEAN and his students. We will achieve. Failure will only teach me a mistake to avoid in the future. That is it. But it won't stop me and my purpose.

I hope you don't let anyone stop you either. I really do understand though, through my own newbie experience in getting as far as I feel I am today.

Be Bles$ed


I have no idea on how to do realestate. I retired in 2008 and did not make enough money to provide for my wife of 31 years,which she is also a cancer serviver, and to stop the creditors from starting to take everything that we had worked for in the 31 years that I gave them in the company. My wife is a very depressed individual and a negative when it comes to trying new things. I bought the book, be a real estate mil. over a year ago and because of the naysayers did not ever do anything with it. Well this time, Come H--- or High Water, with the help of Dean G. and his network of people, I plan to become a member of the millionares club and to be able to provide for my family the way she deserves. I whole heartedly beleive in this to be able to do exactly what Dean said it would do. So if there is anyone who would like to give an old dog some pointers, I'm listening. Dean, if you would not mind, and could take the time to answer, I would appreciate a note from the master himself. Thanks, ERH


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Great new vid Dean, FYI it may be my computer only but the number to call is not on the screen.

Admin may want to look into it.

Also, since I have the books are we able to get the financing booklet ?

Thanks Dean

I just want to say thanks to Dean and the Success Academy - I've got my first contract!!! It's a property I can live in existing doublewide while I make improvements with two additional lots for unlimited income potential. Thanks for your motivation to give me the confidence when I've been told to be safe all my life.

Thanks Dean !!!



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Looks like you ate alot of sand that day Dean. LOL. I love your blogs. I can't seem to get enough of them. I think Im getting addicted to your voice. Again, I have been down and out for a while but Im much better now. I hope to get back into it ASAP Thanks for your continued support.

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