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Established LLC and Credit Anitarny13410 years 25 weeks ago
Funding Source: Details on Costal AngelaK6614 years 11 weeks ago
New to this and frustrated! HELP! Oz1415 years 2 weeks ago
NEW Investor ... NEED help!! efniutei415 years 8 weeks ago

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Hey from lakewood/tacoma!

How your Start?

Hi Emeline,
Just like to know how are you doing?
I just got Dean's book and still reading it. Can you tell me how you start? Do I need to finish my reading then I can Start? Or this there a point I should start? And what is it? From the Ad, Dean said that his system can find seller and buyer then just hook them. Do you have any experience that how we do that?

Have you ever meet with some other investors? Do they have meeting set up yet?

Thank you to read my questions. It would be appreciated that if you have any answer for me. Thanks again.