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Hi Paul!

Rina's picture

I'm reading this, so following the instructions!! haha
Wishing you MUCH success in your REI!


Hey Paul

I just noticed your comment of encouragement...I appreciate it!
I decided to go ahead and see who paul is and found out you live in Washington. Im not too far from you, probably about 6 hrs or so.
I'm wondering about your bus. name...Lean, Mean, Dean Machine. Who's Dean??
Anyway, great success to you Paul, Im just down I5, if you ever drive through give me a holler and we'll compare notes.


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Thanks, for the encouragement. Anyone who is a fan of Jimi, and Led Zep (whom I saw 3 times) is alright with me. But, I've got to straighten you out. You seem to have forgotten a few a names from that list, like; Clapton, Jeff Beck, Van Halen, Ingwie, Satriani, and the firery fingered one, Steve Vai. You know where I'm going..... Good to have you here man.
And I look forward to sharing in your wisdom. Thanks, and best regards on all your real estate endeavors.

The Song Remains the Same,


re: Property Ladder

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I replied to your question on my questbook but it only seemed to populate there. Head on over and you'll see it there!
Nancy D.



It is Rather interesting All

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It is Rather interesting All of the addressing to a fellow named "Paul", meanwhile, the member title today reads: "Jeffrey Jameson". Hmmmmmmmmm, something rather strange and peculiar. Profile Changing Smiling What's the Deelio?

Puget Sound Mastermind!

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Live in WA.
Come be apart and network with other like minded REI people.