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welcome to the DG website.

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Add us to your buyer and sellers list asap.
God bless you always.
Keep learning the family business is BOOMING.

Investment Property

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Please call me if your investor property is still available. Thanks, Adam (510) 776-4387

Hi Adam, I just saw your

Hi Adam,

I just saw your message, which property are you talking about. I have rented them out but I am still selling them.

I have one fixer upper not rented yet - have to do a lot at this one.

The 4th one just recent - I lost my EM money - my buyers backed out.

I have one buyer looking for short term financing - I have no fund available but I can get a 16,000(fund needed) house for her and pay for 1 year then I will have her to pay it for 5 years. I just need back up fund.

Let me know, Thanks