Student Weekly Wisdom #19: The WHY’s of Wholesaling with Gena Horiatis

Today, Gena covers her wisdom on the WHY's of wholesaling. Most of us know what wholesaling is is... but believe it or not there is a large percentage of people that have no idea what wholesaling is or maybe have just never tried it. But after watching this video you may just be convinced that wholesaling is a way to go.


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great questions to ask one self !! can i make money wholesaling ??? you darn tutin !!! and you travel the country showing and proving it !!!anyone can do this with the step by step advice we get here and on insider elite

Thank You Gena!!

I am going to make wholesaling work for my future and my sons future!! I have no choice but to do this and I'm now committed to my success!! Thank you and Dean too!!

Thanks Gena!

I always wanted Wholesaling but my partner always want hold. He wants rent for he said it is a long time income and you still have the property. YOU LIGHT MY FIRE AGAIN!

Thank you Gena

Thank you Gena very much.


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Love you! You are awesome & you are so right, I am of course wholesaling only & did a deal a couple of weeks ago btw & made 5k! in kc mo, I live in san diego but wholesale in kc mo & san diego now too, or will get deals here too.

See you at the Edge!

Thanks Gena

This is some good information Gena im currently trying to wholesale my first deal now and im going to keep in mind what you said thanks.

Great message today Gena you

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Great message today Gena
you never know what kind of deal we're going to run into investing could be a rental fix and flip or like you say wholesale . Us investors have to be opened i all invesent concepts

Yes, Thank you Gena

You have it going on and I would say that wholesaling is the way to begin. It sounds simple enough but the doing is where it is possible to get complicated. One never knows unless they just go for it. I have been wanting to call you. Have a great day.

has any one wholesail homes

has any one wholesale homes fom reo's or hud homes
please rdmeade@****

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