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Evangeline Palmerton
Farmington, New Mexico
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I live in Farmington, New Mexico my hometown. I continue to build my business while working a full time job. I want to specialize in "assignment of contracts." And learn more about cash flow properties. I would like to grow to other areas as I build. I continue to learn and grow in real estate business building. Contact me if you are interested in properties in the Four Corners area/Farmington, New Mexico.

Spending time with the family and grandchildren. Learning ways in which I can be successful in real estate.

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Navajo Nation Growing In Beauty Early Intervention program as Service Coordinator/Developmental Spec
Have Child(ren)
Completed Post Graduate

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Mainly Just This One


Networking for Success.

I have moved to the Phoenix, Arizona area and have lived here since June 2012. And, presently networking with other investor/buyers in Phoenix and surrounding areas. I
continue to increase my buyers list and would like to network with others in Phoenix. Working in assignment of contract deals.

Farmington newbie

Hi, my name is lloyd and i live in farmington. I was wondering if you guys have started anything in farmington. I live in the foothills area and was wondering if maybe you guys might know of any investors looking for great deals. Everyday i drive through my neighborhood and see great houses for sale, even found a few foreclosures. Anyway, i was wondering if you guys might know any buyers that maybe we could split the "finders" to the buyer. Thank you for your time.


Hello Lloyd,
I apologize for the delay in response. I presently live in Phoenix and would like to let you know that I no longer live in Farmington.

Good luck on your venture.

Networking for Success

I am back in the Farmington, New Mexico area. Feel free to write and contact me.


Building my Cash Buyers List

Looking for Investors - "Investors needed for multiple investment properties" in the Farmington, New Mexico area/four corners.
Thanks, for your response.

Hi i,m Brett Turner i would Love to be a Bird Dog asap

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Hi Evangeline Palmerton its Brett Turner , thanks for the message this morning . its 10;47 am here in Ca Time , in City , Walnut Creek , I,m hoping you can use a Right Arm Man , to Help your Biz , I can Bird Dog for you and more , Expanding , and Cut of more of the Weight to your Daily Lists of Work Duties , Please contact me if you Need Help an Xtra Hand , I Got a lot of Time on my Hands Free , I,l check back before I Leave today at 2;30 afternoon to see if you replied back or when I,m home at 5 pm Thanks By .