Weekly Wisdom #388 -We Can't Un-Do The Past

So many times in life we try and mentally undo the past. Well I'm here in this week's Weekly Wisdom to let you know that is simply impossible...

When we try and undo the past, we end up living in the past rather than looking towards tomorrow.

And there is only one way to move onward and upward in life and that is by focusing on today and being prepared for tomorrow!

So enjoy this week's Weekly Wisdom and let me help you live in the NOW!

Watch now!

We can't undo the past --- But we can make an even better future

Dear Dean:

I've been there. And what we do after that has to be a very conscious & deliberate decision to get "unstuck" and move forward, as you so well stated.

I hope you get your laptop back, but whether you do or not, you are "so blessed" to have such a wonderful, loving & caring daughter/family. Also, there is sure to be an even better version of your book inside you, just waiting to come out!

Thank you for all the "love, wisdom & inspiration" you so generously & genuinely share that keeps so many going forward !

Love you !

made me think

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thank you dean,you are a blessing.if it wasnt for god & you to get me back on going after my dreams.i would still be working a dead end job mad at the world.even though i havent done my first deal yet.i know this year is the starting of a fabulous life.im doing this for my elderly parents.that deserve soo much more.thanks again,karl

Thank you

Dean, Thank you for that message; I will move forward. I know I can't change some of the things in the past that were painful, etc. I have and will have a wonderful successful future.

To sum it up" Sh*t happens"....

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Hi Dean:
No doubt that loss is going to hurt for a bit but you teach us how to overcome and move forward as I'm sure you will do. Thankfully you do have other pics to replace the ones you lost. Are they exactly the same? Maybe not, but they are available to you. But, as you said, it could be worse. There could be no replacements and your kids could be gone. Thankfully, that's not to case. Lesson learned tho, right?

On a positive note, the grim reaper touched me once again last week. My former Mother-in-Law died and I needed to attend the funeral not just for my daughter's sake but for my own. She was a kind, loving and helpful woman who helped me so much during my time with her daughter and even through the divorce. The positive to this was the way I handled myself. The day before I was going to South FL for the funeral, I started playing head games with myself and got myself into such a state that I really dreaded being amongst my former in-laws ( Brother, Sister, Nieces and Nephews, etc. and my ex- wife). It's been a while we we were in contact that I really didn't know how they were going to react to my being there. But through all that you have taught us, I took "the bull by the horns" and changed the way I thought about what was happening. When I arrived at the house, just my ex wife was there and I told her of my concerns instead of just blending into the background as I feared I would be doing. To my surprise ( and delight) I was told that the story I was telling myself was about 180 degrees of how the reality of the situation would play out.
So once again Dean, I thank you for teaching us how to "think a little differently" because it definitely changed my experience for the positive.

As for your laptop, have you tried a reward to the airlines for finding it? Maybe someone on staff has it and will return it with some "incentive" and no questions asked. ( Just a thought. Eye-wink )

Until next week.........

Andy Sager
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Life Happens and sometimes stuff turns to an OH CRAP moment !

Dean, So sorry to hear you lost your Lap Top...
whether it was a MAC or just an HP or DELL still
it speaks volumes about where people's heads are today! I'm saying a special prayer for you that maybe whoever took it would do the right thing and turn it in or reach out to you in some way!!
When you give the weekly wisdom's I look directly into your eyes and feel a sense of caring and passion for the people your attempting to help! Lets hope that person who took your Lap Top has a heart to do the right thing! Thanks for being such a good teacher of much more than Real Estate investing. Best wishes to ya Dean.
Phil L.

Same thing happened to me

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but it was not my laptop, it was my external hard drive with some of the videos and pictures from family, I accidentally formatted it and lost everything, BUT I still have my family, you are right and some other pictures/videos on my wife and daughter's cell phone, thanks God, and God bless you with all your advice and motivational energizing boosts!! You are the man!!

Focus on how the situation can be turned into a benefit

Well said Dean,

hopefully you get your laptop back, it would be a great idea to continue to check with '''lost & found''' at the airlines. Sometimes a lot of lost items are returned there, could be employees who service the planes could have found it as well.

Yes, i like how you said it, how can this situation turn into a great benefit, value? I ask those same questions, when i experience adversity, not focused on the problem, but the solution. Abraham Lincoln showed that same example by losing his wife, that incident moved him in being President of the United States of America, the love for his wife... Yes, i agree, we can't undo the past, so why bother reliving it, we has to focus on the future & move forward........

Great piece.

Loss is painful

I claim the serenity prayer and I talk to God all the time and I know HE is with me with every breath I take. Were it not for God I would not be here. I had someone in my neighborhood make a complaint to Code enforcement/Animal Control regarding the number of cats and parrots that I have and yesterday my cul de sac was filled with their vehicles as they came and took over my house. They told me to come outside and sit down. What could I do but follow instructions. They were in my house for almost 2 hours taking pictures and looking in all my closets and cabinets as well as checking out the animals. The purpose was possible abatement. Luckily and by the grace of God they did not take any of them. I have invested thousands of dollars into my parrots and they tell me according to the ordinance I can only have 4 cats and 5 birds. How do I choose which one to keep and which ones to let go of. They are my flock and I love all of them. Having no one in my life they are a great therapy for me. I do my best to leave the past behind but things like this re-affirm my lack of trust in others. This is HUGE. I am sitting here pulling comps on my place and I am going to move. Don't know how or where because I do not have any money but that is not going to stop me. I'll be damned, they are not going to take any of them and I have to first get all of them to a safe place. Please pray for me as I continue to trust God. I know I am at a crossroads and need to make some changes and had already been making plans. I know that God brings some people into our lives for a season and removes some as well. Things happen for a reason and we don't always understand why. So again I claim the serenity prayer and take care of what I can one day at a time. Immanuel means God with us.
I saw a story on the news once about a guy and his wife got off a plane with a couple of children and they had several things to carry. By accident they left a computer. The guy said when he realized it he went into his I-phone to an app that was synced with the computer and whatever that app was it was connected to gps. The guy called the airline and told them about the computer and the address that the computer was taken to. It was an employee that picked it up and took it home and the airlines called the police who went to the home and retrieved it. So much can be done with technology these days and I don't know how to do that but I remember the story.

Weekly Wisdom #388 -We Can't Un-Do The Past

I lost my first comment, this one is much shorter. This was a timely Weekly Wisdom as my partner have had yet another set back in our efforts to make a go of our REI business.Its true you can't change the past. It is also true that your past actions are a good indication of your future actions. While you can not change YOUR PASS you can change THE FUTURE by CHANGING YOUR NOW!

We have had some success and have managed to build a rental portfolio of 5 properties and 7 doors, however with all the scams and liars out there it hard to tell who is legitimate. I am not a quitter but this latest setback is making it hard to continue.
So if you are a legit lender, mentor, or cash buyer and are willing to prove it reach out to me my contact number is 614-721-5233

Dean: Thanks for your encouragement and positive outlook. I like that you always seem to look at what other meaning could an event have. Like Tony Robbins says "What else could this mean?"


So sorry Dean!

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I feel your pain!!! but yeah, you gotta move on... backup, Dean, backup!!! Eye-wink

anyway, hope you're now focused on good things and not letting bad feelings fill your thoughts...

thank you for keeping us motivated to keep moving forwards always!

Weekly Wisdom #388 -We Can't Un-Do The Past

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Hi Dean,

Sorry to hear you lost your laptop.....Sad

As long as you and your family are safe, that's all that matters..Smiling.....the laptop can be replaced...Eye-wink

Thank you for all you do.....xo


wow, I'm not alone..

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Of course it's a major bummer that you left your laptop..but as I listened to your story, Dean, I just felt glad I'm not alone in forgetting things! Someone as successful and into self-improvement as you are can still overlook things. Maybe it's a normal part of the aging process..? I'm 52..

"We Can't Undo the Past" - AWESOME instruction, Dean!!

Dean, your words REALLY hit home! I have SO many "could have/should have/wish I had" thoughts constantly running in the background of my mind. You have helped me learn a way I can address those negatives in a constructive manner. I MUST put them in their place (the PAST), learn what I can from them, and move FORWARD! Thank you SO much for that...and for ALL of your encouragement and training, Dean. God bless you and your family!! Deb

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