Need Partner in Farmington, New Mexico

I recently moved back to Farmington, New Mexico and I am looking to hook-up with a partner who is willing to work with me. A range of areas from agreement of contracts to creatively doing what works. Please let me know if your interest in this.Thanks,

Team up with me.

I no longer live in the Phoenix, Arizona area. I have moved back to my hometown of Farmington, New Mexico.
I would like to network and team-up with investors, real estate agents, etc. in the area.

Please feel free to contact me and we can work together to make successful deals in real estate. Share our knowledge and expertise to make deals.


Moved permanently

I've moved back to my hometown of Farmington, New Mexico. And, in the interim it took time for me to settle in. However, I need to build my buyers list for the area and if anyone who lives in Farmington, NM and surrounding area of the 4 corners knows of real estate Rei meetings, etc. please feel free to write me. I also would like to be on your list of contacts. Thank You,

Looking for Cash Buyers

I am wholesaling in the Farmington, New Mexico and surrounding areas and I am looking for cash buyers. Feel free to drop your information and criteria for properties/homes your are looking for, Thank you,Vangie

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