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Liborio Derario
Tuxedo Park, NY
About Me: 

I am 52 years old and enjoy all that life offers. I have a beautiful wife and three loving children. I am a practicing Architect in NY and I did my first wholesale deal dry in 1985. I continued along investing and at one time held over 20 homes. I held them and started building houses until 1992 when my first daughter was born. I sold all but 4 units which were on the same block. My second daughter was born in 1995 and my son was born in 2002. At that point I sold all to buy the big Chateau Leebeau where we still live. Now that he is 10, I decided to start back full force in the Real Estate investment world. I bought Dean's Edge package last year and attended one of his 3 day events. I have since purchased my first rental and am now in contract on two houses that should close next month.
It sure feels good to be back in the action!!
I look forward to joining into the DG Family and helping in any way I can.

I enjoy traveling with my family, the ocean, fast cars and the challenge of the deal!!!!

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Architect/ Director of Municipal Development and Asset Management
Have Child(ren)
Some Post Graduate

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Mainly Just This One