Weekly Wisdom #270 - Can helping the homeless explode profit

Can helping the homeless explode profits? YES! In this weekly wisdom, Dean reveals how helping the homeless and people in need can help you crush it this year in Real Estate. It’s a secret that has allowed so many people achieve massive success and Dean’s revealing it to you right now…

Help the homeless

Mr Deen thank you very much for this week of wisdom #270 it's close to home for not only because I know people who are were homeless but but almost everyday I go and spend time with the homeless in penny station downtown newark New Jersey to try to bring a little normality to they lives it does so much for me I'm literally moments from being homeless myself I'm disable I live in a room I'm using my last bit of saving investing my future through your education to change the course of my life to be able to change the lives of so many others thank you again for the inspiration meaningful and heartfelt moment my god continue to bless you and your families peace and blessing always Bilal S Ali

Can helping the homeless explode profit

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom......

Teaching your children, the true meaning of Christmas....Smiling

God Bless You and your Family.....


Thank you! What a blessing

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Thank you! What a blessing to share with others. That's what it's all about. Thank you for all your generosity in helping us in real estate also!

Truly Amazing

Wow! Thank you Dean. You are an incredible blessing not just to all us DG members but to everyone who comes in contact with you. What a great lesson for your kids as well. There are opportunities like this every day around us. Thanks for setting a great example of how we can make a difference every day. Have a great week.


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Dear Dean, thanks so much for another great lesson. As you said, helping others is a won- derful thing to do. Showing your children the
things you do is the best example of preparing
them for life and the things it brings. They will be all the best for it.
Thanks Again,
Kevin & Jill


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Great weekly wisdom Dean. Sometimes I think your at your best when you give life lessons.

Keep up the good work with your family and you will be blessed many times over.

Steve and Veronica.

Incredible Dean

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That was really heart-warming Dean. It brought tears to my eyes just watching the video.
I look forward to the day when I have the financial ability to bless people's lives the way you do.

Thanks for sharing!

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It's good to know there are regular people doing amazing things with their wealth! It's great that you take your kids with you. What an empowering, life-long lesson for them….and us!


hey dean

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awesome message, but that's nothing new. what is new however is the suit. I haven't seen you in a suit for a long time lol. happy and prosperous new year to you me and the whole dg family.
"keep moving forward", rob

Helping the homeless

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My husband and I were homeless for a year in the early 90's in "Silicon Valley". I had just graduated with an Assoc. Degree in Engineering. Even though we were both working, housing was so expensive it was impossible to save enough money to get a place to live and still have money for food and transportation to work.

Like you said there are many reasons for people to be homeless. One if my goals is to start an organization for the homeless.

May Allah Bless you and your family for your good deeds.


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It tugged at my heart when I watched that last night. That is my ultimate goal & dream. Not to become a millionaire so I can buy expensive things for myself & go out and do a ton of things for myself. I get my satisfaction and joy, from helping those in need. Even if I am able to just give someone in need a $20 bill, that means something to them & to me as well.

Very blessed video. This inspires me to go on & make things happen so I can do that.

Thanks for all that you do Dean! You're a leader & a hero to many of us in the DG family. God bless you & your family this upcoming year!

Thank you

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Beautiful message Dean, it brought tears to my eyes. As always, you are absolutely right, we demand too much when there is people out there that don't have anything. Great Lesson!

an helping the homeless explode profits

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By passing out $100 bills, you are undoubtedly doing a good deed for the recipients, while teaching your children the value of both money and creating good karma.

I know that when people are dumpster diving, getting a real estate education is far from their main concern. But, in the spirit of teaching a man to fish so that he is able to provide for his lifelong needs, how about holding a class every so often to teach homeless people how to profit from real estate?

It's not easy and there will be hurdles to overcome, but what better way to demonstrate the benefit of your program than by showing how someone can truly lift him/herself out of destitution to become prosperous?

Great Wisdom Dean

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Thank you for sharing that message with us! You are a great example to all and I truly appreciate having you in my life! I look forward each week to hearing your messages!! Happy New Year!


Helping Others is Truly a Blessing to Us

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The more I help others the more I feel God's Love inside my heart and soul. Dean, you are a great father and a wonderful example to your children. You are an inspiration to me and all the other DG family members. Thank You

The True MEANING of Christmas...

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My family and I have been working with the less fortunate for years and CHRISTmas is the time when most of us are too busy to even think about these folks!!


And your children are being shaped to understand this thinking with a heart felt concern for the less privileged!! GOD bless you Dean!!! Just think if everyone on your site reached out to one person over the next 30 days…not just monetarily, but to say hello and listen, what a difference that would make for them and for those they touch!!

Anyway my two daughters are now 18 and 21 and my son is 11, and we all still help out in the Bronx at Christmas time!! You and your family have been blessed and you are using those blessings wisely!! And we are all blessed to know a man and organization that always looks beyond self!!! Live with PEACE my friend and THANK YOU!!!


The FrogMan

Pass It Onto the Next Generation!


Thank you so very much with letting us in on the
other side of Dean, the Humanitarian, the Family
Man and the Neighborhood next door.

This year 2014, I will generate new Streams of Income, to do what I love to do best, and that is
to share with others and to teach what I have learned in Life.

Once again, thank you Dean for being such an Open



Thank you thank you thank you

Weekly Wisdom #270 - Can Helping the Homeless Explode Profit?

That was very kind of you Dean to reach out to the less fortunate. You and your family are winners. God knows best. Happy New Year and Best Wishes to all for a successful year in the field of Real Estate Investment. Thank you for your kind services.

Can Helping the Homelesss Explode Profit

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Thank you so much DG, the WW#270 is received as a DIVINE MESSAGE today. To briefly introduce myself. I am a DG member as 09/2008. I bought the promotions offered during a TV presentation during that year. I love real estate, I am currently a Property Manager for apartment communities.

During 2014, I am determined to accomplish a dream that I have in my heart for a very long time. I believe is the time now. This dream has been paused due to other priorities that came across taking away most of my time.

This dream have to do in helping the poor people. I will keep you inform about it,as I probably would need from your wisdom opinions. YOU ARE AWESOME & a BLESSING

Be blessed,


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I've read the book, "Start with Why" and I can genuinely say that what you did is WHY I want to get into real estate. To help others. I'm not speaking entirely of homeless per say, but in addition maybe individuals in 'pre-foreclosure' situations, etc. The "what" and "how" are described in your books, website, seminars, etc. The "why" starts with ME.
Thank you for this incredible WW.
I am curious however, do you have any extra books you could give them to read to possibly inspire them in addition to your financial generosity? It would be interesting to see if, at the very least, one person could understand, try, succeed, move up and out of their current situation. (It's just a thought. Just think if one homeless person succeeded how much he/she could (and probably would) help other homeless individuals.
God bless you Dean, your family and the extended DG family.
Al and Jelly

Beautiful Message Dean!

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As Mother Teresa said "It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving"

There are so many people in need, and it takes so little to help someone... my heart would not feel complete if giving to charity wasn't a part of my life. The amazing thing is that I feel such a warm comfort inside of me every time I give, it almost makes me think that I give for my own benefit!

What a beautiful tradition you've created for you and your children...


A Blessing!!!

Hi Dean,
You are truly a blessing to DG family as well as the needy. I admire your warm heart and concern toward others. Wish you and your family a safe and healthy New Year. May God Bless You!!!

Happy New Year!

Thank you, Dean, for such a genuinely beautiful story brought to us by you and your family. Once again, you're a shining example of how we can in our own way help to make a difference in other's lives and in return help to increase the vibration in our own lives through caring. I'm still wiping my eyes. Blessings, Light & Love to the Graziosi family.

That's my Why

I was that homeless person, addicted to drugs/alcohol,down on my luck! Not knowing or caring ready to give-up. That was almost nine years ago. And in the process of turning that all around I came across your book about how to buy real estate with no money down or credit.

weekly wisdom #270

Wow now that was in deed an amazing video.
Every time I thought I have learned enough from watching your weekly blogs, you do it again and again and again. And yes what is between your ears says everything!

Thank you again!

Great Message Dean

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Happy New Year to you, your family and to All DG Members.

I have done a lot of what you have done on Christmas day before 2012. It is upsetting not to be able to do something good for the less fortunate. It is my dream to get back to where I was after finishing university and go help more of my less fortunate relatives, friends and others in my native country. All the best to everyone in 2014!

Taking the focus off ourselves

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Love one another. That is the great commandment. Thank you for setting the example - again. What a beautiful tradition. Now, if we can't all afford $100 bills, that's not the point. We can all give - time, love, concern, a blanket, a $5 bill. Just give and you are blessed.


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What an amazing tradition!! My heart felt the blessing as I listened to your story.

You are an incredible man Dean Graziosi and I am honored to be a part of the DG family Smiling

Helping The Homeless #270 weekly wisdom

Cheers to Dean for instilling a New Tradition to follow by recognizing the Homeless- instead of just treating OURSELVES like royalty or not seeing BEYOND our own family. I am truly Blessed to have such a fine mentor who personally is of SUCH HIGH caliber to set the example.
It would be soooo COOL for the DG family to implement what he is doing in OUR own towns!In SoCal,T did not see the homeless lady who is usually at a bus bench and I had to watch as people's cars were impouned from parking on the street after 4pm Christmas Eve. Now, I can replace that horrible sight with Dean's happy actions!

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