Weekly Wisdom #255 - Tips For Boundless Energy

In this video Dean announces the winner of his laptop. If you posted a comment on his previous Weekly Wisdom, watch now and see if you won. You’ll also hear what Dean attributes his amazing, steady supply of high energy to – and what you can do every day if you want to feel the same way. There’s a terrific challenge here for all who will accept it. This might be the blog that helps you take your life to the next level.

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Tips For Boundless Energy

SKL Properties's picture

Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom......I am going to try that Green Drink........Sounds Yummy.....Giving up the News for a week....Well that's something else...1 out of 2 ain't bad.....Thanks......Smiling


Congrats Stewart on winning Deans Laptop.....Smiling

Green drink

I have been mixing a drink for a couple of months now and you are so right the health benefits and the energy it gives me is great was able to cut back on coffee. Now I will try to cut back on some of the news I watch and read, I have to do it alittle at a time. Thanks for this site and your encouragement

I need Boundless Energy

I'm going to give it a try for 7 days. No sugar... and no fried chicken... it is going to be hard. Thanks Dean !!!


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Thank you Dean! I am rapidly becoming obsessed with learning about alkaline vs acidic and changing my own diet not only for the energy but to rid myself of being a toxic breeding ground for negative health issues, disease, etc. by being to acidic.

lol! I had to play, rewind couple of times to freeze on the frame that showed the label of the exact product you use. I searched it, went to vibrant health just now and ordered through their online store.

I went yesterday to the organic/health food store and loaded up on fresh greens: spinach, kale, broccoli, cucumbers, etc. for my shake. Bought some more Camu Camu powder, flax seed oil and a raw vegan and a pea protein powder (to alleviate wheat, gluten, etc. also) plus a few other items I was almost out of.

It is past "I should", It is an Absolute Must!
I am responsible! I am in control! My outcome WILL be different!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You by far are the most incredibly generous and world revolutionizer (if that's even a word) I've ever known!

God bless,

Great Weekly Wisdom

You're awesome. I'm going to do this without any question and I'm up to the challenge. I thought I was going to win the laptop haha. Hey Dean I would like you to keep me in mind for your next laptop contest lol. Congrats Stewart!! lucky you:)

I plan on going to the store tonight to inquire about that product (Green Vibrance) and get buy some lemons and flat oil. I'm trying to stop the intake of sugar which I eat and drink. I want to be far away from my competitors like you said.

DG.com is like my home. So many great information on this website which people out there are paying thousands of dollars just for an information.

Miami, FL
Follow my daily journal

Dean, you are on!!!

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thank you for another awesome weekly! This one is right on what I need: energy!

I am so committed to your challenge for the week! First thing tomorrow, I'm stocking on green vibrance, lemon, and flaxseed oil...

Congrats to Stewart on winning your imac!!! Lucky dog!

ok, off to eat my last chocolate before the new week starts! lol

Green instead of Starbucks

Reyn's picture

How Starbucks prices go up. This green powder is a little over a dollar a day compared to 5 from Starbucks. Worth it in my book.
Always can use more green in my diet. THANKS!!

But surely you don't mean in Seattle...

steinway024's picture

LOL I'm not promising to give up my coffee, but I do love green smoothies. Here's the recipe Nick & I enjoy: Broccoli, spinach, celery, parsley, lemon juice, bok choy, kiwi, green grapes, green apple, and a little water or ice. I don't do the powders, but tons of green veggies. Another favorite for breakfast - sauté lots and lots of spinach in a bit of coconut oil, add lemon juice, top with a couple over-medium organic eggs. Yumm. On a great day, add some grilled onions, red pepper and avocado. Pancakes and toast and potatoes? Who needs 'em.
You are inspiring in every area. When the water rises, all the boats float.


thomgilbert's picture

Green breakfast drink/smoothie, No news, reduce sugar/coffee, no fried foods and getting to the gym.

This is right on time as I've been low on energy and frustrated with my day job. Time to wake up and take control again!

Thanks Dean I really appreciate the totally fulfilled life that you help us create! You're a great motivator, inspiration and mentor to so many of us!

Make it a great week!

I do and I will

Great weekly wisdom ! Congrats Stewart on winning the Mac-air.

I am using Garden of Life green drink for $15.00 less and it is certified non gmo which is very important to me. After the drink I make my breakfast chopped onions and a couple of fresh mushrooms cooked in a pat of butter and a little olive oil (just a little) and once they are cooked I add 2 eggs on top. I let those cook a few minutes before flipping them over and I toast 2 slices of Milton's wheat bread. Then I put the onions, mushrooms and eggs on top of each slice. I call this eating breakfast like a Queen. The rest of the day I eat lite salads mainly with lots of greens and veggies. I drink half my body weight in ounces of water and I drink my coffee in the morning and Japanese green tea later in the day. It is all about getting my antioxidants. The mushrooms are loaded with vitamin D and antioxidants. I squeeze my own orange juice too. No processed stuff.

For those that have to have the sweet go with regular cane sugar in the sugar bowl or local raw honey from the local farmers market or health food store. Real organic maple syrup is good for sweetener too but stay from all the other sweeteners. The problem with sugar is in all the drinks and processed foods with artificial sweeters (splenda, stevia and anything with an ose on the end.)

When it comes to acidic/alkaline I like to take a little bit of Braggs apple cider vinegar with a little water. That resets the ph balance and is also the remedy for those who have acid reflux.

I squeeze the juice of a lemon into my ice water and this detoxifies the system. And most important the body requires a minimum and no less that 7 hours of QUALITY sleep in order to repair itself. Anything less is knocking years off of your life.

The news - I only want to see the weather report and temperature forcast so that I can better manage my SMUD bill. A week or so ago I had to make it very clear to a member of my family that I did not want to discuss the news and politics. This person goes on and on and on about stuff that we can do nothing about. I told her I do not have time for it as I have other things to put my mind and attention on.

Who else is in?

AzDego's picture

Let's light this board up.

Wow! You are amazing to care

bahney's picture

Wow! You are amazing to care about our health and energy! We will try the green drink and already don't watch the news. Thank you!

energy routine

betsymaher's picture

I'm in Smiling


Great suggestion, I've lost over 20 lbs in the last couple of months and have started back into an excercise routine. It has given me more energy and I'll run with your sugggestions too, pun intended. I'm already back to my college weight and a lot more productive. Hope everyone has a great week, waiting on two offers to see if I get them and helping a mentee offer on courthouse steps!

Hi Dean!

Angie's picture

Great advice...I have been a health nut since a teenager. However, Dan and I took it a step further a couple years back going 100% organic and plant based. Except for the occational dairy or meat a couple of times a month. Feel great and YES so much energy. Green drinks RULE baby!
Have a great week. I look forward to seeing all the great feed back when people try it out for themselves.

Green Drink

Was on a healthy program and fell of the wagon. Told myself yesterday I was getting back on track and stated early this morning. Now your WW says the same. I am ready to go.

I will

Mighty1 Real Estate's picture

I've wondered why I always feel tired and can't sleep. It must be the food I'm eating. For a while I've wanted my family and me to get healthier and this is a great step. My mother has been a health nut for years and she recently bought an alkaline water machine and swears by it. So in lack of a few thousand dollars for the machine, I will do your green drink and post on the results. I need energy and exercise.
Thank you,

Healthy vegans here! :-)

DonandLorraine's picture

My wife and I have been studying about being the healthiest we can be as well and came across veganism about 5 years ago and we haven't looked back! We've never been healthier and more energetic! Getting rid of the SAD diet is the best thing for this world! And the closer people can get to a complete plant based diet the better!
Good video Dean! Smiling

Ready for this!

holysmokes2's picture

Wow Dean, it's like you were reading my mind! I had been planning a better way to start on a much healthier diet and you answered! I am sooo doing this and the challenge of no news either!
You are very caring and giving to always be not only a mentor on real estate but in our everyday lives!

Thanks for all you do Dean!!

Norma Smiling


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I'm 52 yrs old and my energy level is due to my diet. Currently, I don't do a green drink, but I do eat a ton of vegetables, lots of water, lean meats, very low carbs and almost no sweets . I will commit to getting a green drink and take it at least once daily. My health means everything to me. Thanks Dean


Dean, I have been veggie for 3 years. I use organic greens in the morning and before bed. I don't drink soda, no dairy, all veggie here. After I started this diet, I lost 120 lbs and never looked back. I blend fruit and vegs daily. I fill the blender up and put the greens on almost everything I eat.

Way to Go, Dean!

Magarahan's picture

Way to go,Dean. Today you showed your true generosity. You told everyone how to improve their health.
That is one of the greatest gifts you have ever given and you did it without partnering with any supplement vendor who will gladly pay you to promote their product.
Good for you and thank you for doing that.
I have been supplementing with green for 20 years daily since I found as you have that it gives me energy, it gives me stamina, and it gives me more clear thinking. I would go so far to say that it helps ne to be happier as well as healthier.
I do drink a protein smoothee every morning and like you said it satisfies to the point of no 10 am cravings, but I also eat a straight wheatgrass because I know I need the extra vitamins and minerals. I buy int in a freeze dried pill so it makes it easy to eat. If you want to be super healthy try that too:

Thank again for all the evergy you give us for free. We really do appreciate your efforts.

Mike & Mary

Green drink!!

Olesailor's picture

That's a great start and if you start liking it there is all kinds of recipe books out there to make smoothies and other drinks like what Dean spoke of.
Good Luck everyone
Congrats Stewart, are ya gonna use it or frame it?


Count Me In.

My body is so addicted to coffee that if I don't drink coffee one day I get terrible headaches that wont go away with pills or anything else but lowering the amount over time. But there's no harm by trying again.

Let's do it, I'm in, we'll see how it goes, I'll do my best.

Thank you Dean.

green drink

I totally agree with Dean. My husband, who does not eat vegetables, was diagnosed with diabetes last June, his triglicerides were through the roof too. He decided he was ready to make a change. We found a good brand of the "green powder". We have been doing a green powder drink/smoothie with chia and (real veggies when he is not looking) and fruit for breakfast every morning since then. 6 weeks later his follow up blood work.... sugar under control, and cholestoral levels within normal range. Small changes... big benefits.

green drink

kcw6150's picture

Dear Dean, As we say here in Mexico, you are asombroso. As you know your body is as important as your mind. I'm 63 now and walk 10 miles a day,
6 days a week. I lost 50 pounds over the last 6
years and the Doctor tells me that I am healthier than most of her 35 year old patients.
By the way I am also into GREEN.
Thanks Again,

Energy diet

Hi, Dean.

I'm game for the "green shake", but the news diet isn't going to happen. If it were only possible to purge the local news to avoid all the killings, bank robberies, auto accidents...that would be a wonderful thing! I'm certain most viewers would avoid that portion of the program. I'm in sales and I truly need to keep up on current events...at the local, national, and international levels. Granted, I don't need to know every detail, but at least have an understanding of what's going on in our world.

That being said, I do enjoy your blog. Stay well!

Green Drink Challenge

Wow. Maybe that's why I've been feeling this way. Ugh. No umph! OK, I'm up for it starting today. Thanks so much for sharing and encouraging us to try this so we can all live better, healthier lives. Also, let's pray for the folks in Kenya ~ Everyone make it a great day.

Tips For Boundless Energy

beready's picture

I use to be really good at eating clean. When my money ran out, it became difficult to continue to purchase the good stuff. Then as life got really stressful, I slowly drifted back to the sugar and chips. I haven't fallen to the sodas, but I have consumed too much koolaide. I can't buy my organic protein powder and greens as I once did, but I can still eat clean. I know how to do it. I splurged and bought some vitamins this weekend as I went to put up bandit signs; because my energy level is so low. I need to get back to those these that help keep me young. My gym closed so I'm slow to exercise. Excuses, excuses. I am 61 years old have worked hard to stay off doctor medications. I've gotta get back on track.

Thank you Dean for the challenge. I accept!

Green Drink

Ok Bro
I am not generally a health nut I do all the things the doctor says not don't. I love coffee and I am a meat meat and more meat person until I need pizza for the veggies in it. But if my best friend, or my brother was to ask me to do this for my health and to feel better I would do it. I know you don't know me or my family but this shows a caring that I don't see often. The news diet is easy for me the only thing I watch is the local weather. Thanks

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