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Jeremiah Luke Dilley
Cherokee Village, Ar
About Me: 

With God all things are possible

I have had a lot of twists and turns through my life as we all do in search of personal growth and happiness. I found no direction in college that I wanted to pursue. Real estate fits everything I've ever wanted or dreamed for in life. I wont let anyone take that away from me. I have my mountain in sight. I am climbing to the top and I will kick anyone off that stand in my way or try to hold me back!

My Family, motocross, movies, small engine repair, landscaping.

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My first deal bradupnorth1511 years 36 weeks ago

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Real Estate Investor - Wholesaler
No Children
Completed High School

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Welcome aboard

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Welcome yto the DG family. Good luck.


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Hey we have the same name! lol Welcome if you ever need any help with something you can't find in the search bar here pm me if I can spare the time I'll help or point you in the right direction!

Same here

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I am a newbie as well! This site has been great in pointing me in the right direction. I am looking to networking with fellow real estate investors. Let me know if you would like to work with and/or teach each other.

Thanks and respectfully,


looking for team members

hi jeremiah!

looking for team members. Would you like to work together?

always willing to help

alane leo

Hi Hey Hello ^_^

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What's up! how are you doing, just new in the Area, want to know better. Thanks for future support ^_^