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Jeremiah Commons
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I have had a lot of twists and turns through my life as we all do in search of personal growth and happiness. I found no direction in college that I wanted to pursue. Real estate fits everything I've ever wanted or dreamed for in life. I wont let anyone take that away from me. I have my mountain in sight. I am climbing to the top and I will kick anyone off that stand in my way or try to hold me back!

Real estate investing, reading a thought provoking book, food, gaining new friends or spending time with the ones I have, the positive reinforcement of exercise and how it makes me feel, wearing nice cloths, just being happy and keeping an honest smile on my face even when times are hard, but most of all I enjoy learning something new everyday!

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Real Estate Investor
No Children
Some College

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Mainly Just This One


Hi Jeremiah!

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congratulations on starting your rei journey! you will find many helpful resources on this site as well as great advice from many experienced investors.
You can look up threads that may answer your questions, by entering a word in the 'search/enter' box on the top left of this page, and hit enter.
Keep reading every day, and all the new words and strategies will become familiar.
Also, try to join a rei club in your area, and ask an experienced investor if you can help him find deals-he/she will be happy to teach you...

Wishing you success,


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Thank you I just realized I could reply to you here. I have since taken your advice and that of many others. I look forward to all the help I continue to receive and any I am able to pass on to others as I understand it myself.


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Thank you. Yea, I am not sure if I am ready yet to mentor someone, but I have already started partnering on projects with people in my area. One has some investors in Canada that have supposedly endless money we will see about that! LOL Either way we also have a few other investors we work with and I'm always building my buyers list so I am setting huge goals for 2012. I find so much useful information here and it is always so wonderful the have experienced people to bonk heads with on ideas and give encouragement or criticism when needed.

Hey Erik

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Yea sure I'll keep my ear to the ground if I hear of anything like that or of anyone that invests in that area.