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Dave Venor
New York
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I am a unemployed full time college student. Currently I am utilizing my unemployment to its full potential, by going back to school and graduating. I also recently learned that I want to invest in real estate. I have always had this fire inside me telling me to do something for myself (CEO stuff) and I see REI as a way of life, that I would very much enjoy. I've also always wanted to "fix n flip". Every time one of the shows comes on TV, I find myself glued to my seat, wishing it were me on that TV doing the work.

And on a side note: I would say I am an awesome person!

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Welcome Dave

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Glad to have you a part of the DG family. Remember there is a wealth of information here if you take the time to read and ask questions. You are also very fortunate in where you live as if I recall correctly Dean works in NY from time to time. Never know! Good luck!

Success Academy

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I called the number in the book: 877-219-1473 and I keep getting the run-around and having troubles obtaining answers. Can someone help and/or get me in touch with the right department. How much are these services? How do I get a hlod of them? Please help!