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Jose E. Munoz Sierra
Tampa, Florida
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Hello there,

-I am Jose E. Munoz Sierra "Manny".
-I am 26yrs old.
-I am Puerto Rican. (born in Caguas, PR)
-I am a US Army Veteran. (6yrs experience in HR)
-I am a Real Estate Investor (Wholesaling, Lease Optioning, Bird-Dogging)
-I lived in Lowell, Mass for 10yrs.
-I was stationed in Schofield Barracks, Hawaii for 6yrs.
-I been living in Tampa, FL for 1yr.
-I am studying to get my RN License, while pursuing REI lifestyle.
-I have lived by the words: Respect, Loyalty, and Integrity.
-"Failure is not an option" comes to mind while seeing my mother's face clearly, every time I even think of giving up, which causes me to re-gear and keep pushing forward.
-I have never failed at something that has froze me up for good, and I won't start now.

Real Estate, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Working out, BBQ'ing, Medical and Health Field, and Dancing.

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Real Estate Investor and Medical Student
No Children
In College

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Ok, I read the books and been looking for deals, but I just thought about one thing. Other than getting a loan, should I be getting Home Insurance too or not? It might sound like a dumb question but I never done anything at all with Real Estate so I was wondering when would I need to actually get Home Insurane, because let's say I get a property on contract and it happens to be one which I am going to rent out for monthly cash flow, is it suppose to be me that gets the Insurance on the property or should it be up to the Tenant? Or if I happen to buy the property and am seeking to sell it within a month or so, should I be getting home insurance for myself? I ask this because it being such a short time that I'm going to hold onto the property, I just wondered if I needed it or not...With back to back transactions and contracts to be done, I didn't know if it was right for so many Home Insurance activations and cancellations to be done or is it one Home Insurance for all property and the sum just gets added into the equation when I get another property under my name? Hope I didn't confuse anyone, I just didn't know how to word this since I'm clueless about the topic...

Not saying I have the exact

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Not saying I have the exact and only answer but...if you are getting a loan on the property more than likely it will be a requirement as part of the purchase to have insurance, typically the lender will want that risk covered in the event of fire etc. you probably don't have a choice. Truthfully that's the only way to protect your investment, if you had an event that caused your home to be lost you'd have no way of recovering from it without insurance.

If you're purchasing a town-home, you'll be in an association that requires association and maintenance dues separate from a mortgage payment. Insurance is covered and paid for within your membership as an owner in the association, so separate insurance isn't required except for insuring your contents and maybe a home warranty if you feel necessary.

As far as tenant's are concerned, typically you will want in a lease that they understand their contents or personal belongings are not covered by your insurance and that it's suggested they get renters insurance to protect their belongings.

Wassup Bra

Hey i just got on too and I'm stuck too I got some books have you been learning about the rock bottom blue print stuff. Oh by the way not to be rude my Name is Kimo Alo I'm on Oahu in Hauula i see some properties in my town I figure howiz everything going for you lets see if we can get something done and ask amy to help us out and lets work together and see if we can put a team together here from Hawaii


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So I just happen to come in here after a while being away, but seen your post, wondering if you're around still and how did you know that I knew Amy also?