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Hey Dominic, Just decided to

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Hey Dominic,
Just decided to stop by and say hello! looks like you are in about the same age bracket like i am)) How is real estate life, have you done any deals yet?


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Yes my partner and I have one deal so far. It is not 100% complete but we have a buyer under contract to close within 30 days. So all looks promising! We are making 8k profit off of it. How old are you? And have you done any deals yet?

Look at it this way, sooner

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Look at it this way, sooner you get in a real estate game, especially at the young age, more successful you will be in a future)) Great post you guys made and good luck on your deal! looking to make my first deal in next few weeks!
i am 22

Getting things done

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Hey Dominic, My name is Francis Lambert and I am from Boston Mass. I just want to say that staying motivated is key to everything, but sometimes its the unknown that scares us. Remember, the confused mind always says NO! I am glad to have read your posting on getting started is all it will take. I don't want to work for someone else ever again. I will keep in touch. You have a future and I wish you the best of times.

Thank You!Smiling

Making it happen

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Hey Dominic. Congrats on getting your first deal done. I've literally been starting to put together a team. Have one buyer. Getting my realtor in place. Properties are in abundance out here. Just need to take more action. Going to use your tip on putting a ghost ad out there. Also going to see if my realtor can help me out with finding investors. Keep going. Great to hear us young guys making things happen. Keep in touch. The best is yet to come.


Thanks Artem, Francis, and

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Thanks Artem, Francis, and Josh!

I saw you posted your first ghost ad Josh. Let me know how that is working for you! Don't be afraid to send me a PM if you need help on anything. Good luck and keep on pushing!

Hey Dominic

Would like to stay in touch and pick your brain. Maybe I'll have some knowledge I can share with you in the near future.

To prosperity,



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Just want to say I enjoyed your post for the newbies. I, much like yourself have procrastenated for the past few years I just don't have youth on my side. Just waiting for the right time to jump in to the game. All the while missing out on making money sitting on the sidelines. I gotta say that their is no lack of motivation, I guess its "paralysis by over analysis" Im trying to get past that. Its nice to see that everyone on here is so supportive. Anyway I look forward to networking with everyone here for years to come. Peace & prosperous future!

New To This

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Just stop by to let you know i just go DG books.I wood like some ppl to help me on this new life I'm going to have in real estate.


Thank you

Thank you very much and can I print this out for me because it is very important to me

Thank you

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It was so inspiring to read about your story and see the amazing growth that you experienced when you got started in real estate at such a young age. Keep up the great work and I hope to see you around!

Bravo !

Dominic and Partner,

Thanks for talking to you tonight.
Your article was inspiring, motivating and encouraging.
Keep it up and hope to get your news-article soon

Again keep it going, going and going.....


Nice meeting you

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It was nice meeting you at the edge event this year! Hope you guys well and continuing to rock it. We just got another property under contract yesterday, hoping to profit 4k on this one. Let me know if you guys ever think about getting into the Austin market.

Best wishes,


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I saw one of your posts while navigating the site; and I just wanted to stop by to say hello!
To Your Success,


Doin lots of deals my friend ?? Hey
dominic how many deals have you done all total ?

I wish you a gr8 2015...